Disclaimer:  This review is subjective and purely based on opinion only. This review was compiled from a visit in October 2015. Also,I must state that is not affiliated with any company or 3rd party connected to any bar.

Sugarbaby Agogo is located on Walking Street, Pattaya. It is the sister bar of the famous Windmill Agogo bar, and shares the same management. Their motto is Pussy Without Attitude. 🙂

First impressions were good as upon entry I was greeted by the service staff who are happy to show me to a table. I ordered an 80 baht draught Chang and sat with a nice view of the stage.

Upon entering through the door the bar has a central dance floor with bar stools dotted around it. There is a double tier of seating to the left and single tier the the right side. Mirrors line the walls all around.

A jacuzzi is located at the left rear with seats surrounding it. The bar is at the back to the right side, with the toilet area behind it.

There are 4 big TV screens showing sports. The bar has good ventilation with a combination of aircon and fans, and was not smokey on the date of this visit.

The music was kind of classic dance, and was not too loud to drown out conversation.

On the date of visiting about 50% of the girls dancing on the stage were topless. Also, they had 3 pairs of fully naked girl on girl action going on: one at the back of the stage, one on a table to the right and another pair in the jacuzzi. Nice 🙂

All the girls on stage wore black high heels, with long white socks, very short navy skirts and skimpy white tops tied at the front.

The stage girls dont wear any knickers, but you cant see much up-skirt action because they dont really dance energetically enough.

Number 57. Foxy, petite looking girl with a cat-like face. She would have been a good choice.

Number 61. This girl was the best of the bunch. Tall, nice ass and a kind of innocent looking face. She was making eyes at the guy the next table over from me and it was like he was hypnotised in a complete trance! She was gyrating away like a trooper and it was a joy to watch. Definitely a bit more wild and lively than normal, and was definitely not one for newbies or the faint-hearted to take out of the bar. If you did barfine her it would be a memorable experience for sure, just dont let her boss you around too much!

Number 93. Good dancer, arching her back and swinging her hips to stand out from the crowd. Pretty face, nice smooth looking skin.

Number unknown. There was one girl with her back to me who had the most amazing dragon tattoo all over her back. If youre into tattoos she wouldve be a good choice.

If you are having an epic night you can do one of the above.

For the barfine prices its 700baht short time and 1500 baht long time (dropping to 700 after 1am). As I didnt buy any lady drinks I couldnt get a short time / long time price for the girls so expect a sliding scale based on the quality of the girl.

For me the overall selection of girls was a bit bland. They apparently have new ones starting here every week, so if you are into un-jaded gogo girls this would probably be a good place to look.

The do have a general policy of if you touch the girl you must buy her a drink (usually tequila). I didnt do any touching but one guy was grinning ear to ear stroking the outer thighs of one of the soaped up jacuzzi girls when I was there.

The management care about customer satisfaction, this is refreshing to see.

The Sugarbaby Agogo bar is a nice bar in my opinion. Its a bit lacking the wow factor though due to the fact that most of the girls were a little plain looking (this could have been because all the stunners were already taken at my time of visit).

Due to the fact that none of the dancers wore any knickers, there was not much dancing action to see. In hindsight I wish Id sat closer to the 3 pairs of naked girls to view some action while I sipped my uber cheap draught beer.

My beer wasnt really cold, but was passable. I suppose its tough with draught beer to get that ice cold feeling that you can get from fresh bottled beer. The bar has 4 large TV screens, so if you are into sports then this bar would a good choice to have a few drinks and watch your game (and have all the gogo girls around you).

The customers were pretty much all older Westerners (maybe this is the demographic that the bar is aimed at). Not that many of the guys were sitting with the dancers on the night of the visit so the atmosphere was pretty neutral.

The service was absolutely faultless, from being greeted warmly and when I left the staff thanked me with smiles for visiting. Even though I only ordered a cheap draught beer, had a quick perv and then left!

Its also reassuring that there is Western management in place, with advice to ring the manager direct if you encounter any sort of problem in the bar.

I will probably be back to Sugarbaby again, but overall I prefer the sister bar Windmill, as it is a bit more intimate.

Bonus pic. If you have a spare 7.5 million burning a hole in your back pocket then they are currently looking for investors.

Ive seen you mention barfines, and I understand. But how does it work if you want to keep the girls for more than an hour, lets say.a week?

Typically they have to pay a return to work fine.

If you have 7.5 million burning a hole in your pocket you may as well just burn it;-)

Is it possible instead of ordering a drink using a bar maid, you go directly and buy it at the counter/bartender?

You can, but this is not standard practice and you will be totally ignored by the dancing girls and staff as you effectively become a dead customer in their eyes. The reason that they use bar tabs is because the dancers make commission on lady drinks. Thanks for your comment.

Even Including the lady drinks?I had a bad experience and I really dont trust bad girls handling my drinks.

Yes, everyone runs a tab in gogo bars. Stick to the more well known gogo bars and you wont have any problem with your drinks. The people who say they never run a tab are few and far between or dont drink regularly in gogo bars. To make more sense of your question can you say what bar was your bad experience at? Thanks for your comment.

Barfined a girl from Windmill yesterday. Total starfish!! Went to sugerbaby today and I personally prefer the atmosphere of sugerbaby. Windmill felt a bit cramped though.

Thank you for your effort BKK112! Do keep up the good work!!

When you mention 3 pars of ladies going girl on girl is that full on, wet and messy action or simulated?

Thanks for the nice review, picked number 153 with tattoo on her entire back, very proactive girl.

If you could write a windmilll review that would be better, Id say I enjoy more at the windmill lol

I have a story from Sugarbaby from December 2016 that I would share if you like. In summary, I wont be going back there. Ever.

got ripped off with the bill, charging me for extra drinks, watch your bill tab and how many drinks you order

I saw Bangkok night out 152 i would like to meet the young lady in the pink dress and to have her to show me around i will coming there soon on a vacation i will get back with you Harry

in Patpong essay you mentioned that why they dont make the same as Pattaya where there is a ping pong show and you can enter it with 500 bath without being scammed , so can you plz mention where can i find such kind of show and live sex shows .

Hi, I would like to ask, at gogo bars in general, is there somewhere for you to keep your personal belongings, maybe just a haversack or a sling bag?

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