I am having a problem with contacts not updating in Outlook2003 when changes are made on BB 7520. When I change a phone number on handheld sync appears to complete but no message of conflict and no change in Outlook. I have tried everything Reinstalling Outlook2003, Reinstalling Blackberry software after complete unintsall per Blackberry knowledge base.

I have wiped Blackberry. PIM syncs the first time from Outlook to handheld but on future changes to handheld, contact information does not change in Outlook 2003. If I make a change in Outlook, changes are made to handheld. If I make a change on BB, change does to transfer to Outlook.

Did you check the advanced settings in configure PIM? There are two boxes that have to be checked I believe…

Problem resolved!! I found out that when I went to application loader that no system software was found on handheld. After downloading handheld software from RIM and then installing, contacts are in sync. You may want to periodically verify be making a small change in handheld contacts and verify that change is being made to Outlook. There was no error involved with this problem.

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