was the first single to be released fromPrinces 17th albumThe Gold Experience, the first album to be credited to(although no album was connected to the single at the time of its release).

It was also the first single to be credited to

, and the first to be released independently ofWarner Bros., as well as the first release of any kind fromNPG Records(the replacement to the defunctPaisley Park Records).

The single was released only five months afterThe Hitscollections, and was clearly intended as a break from the past. It becamePrinces first UK number one single, although there were allegations thatPrinces organization had bought thousands of copies of the single around the world to ensure its success.

Three months after the singles release, an EP calledThe Beautiful Experiencefollowed, containing several remixes of the song, each with separate titles (rather than remix names in parentheses). This release contains different artwork also, but is included here, as it was not the only variation. CD singles were also released of theStaxowaxandMustang Mixversions, also included here.

Princewanted to release different tracks independently, butWarner Bros.had required that only one song be released independently, so his response was to put out several different versions of the song, some so different that they could be considered separate tracks.

The singles originally-planned b-side,New World, had been blocked for release byWarner Bros., soPrinceinstead recorded theBeautifulversion ofThe Most Beautiful Girl In The World, which uses many of the same musical elements asNew World.

For more information onPrinces disputes withWarner Bros., clickhere.

This was the first to be released independently ofWarner Bros.

This was the first release of any kind fromNPG Records.

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