Contract marriage? The couple wont live in the same room. In the end, they actually will anyway. Contract dating? Why be shy when youre going to date anyways? What? Contract siblings? That is quite something if you ask me. However, there is one bizarre contract between two couples. Her major is creative writing (overflowing with lies), double majoring in acting (nice looking face with exceptional acting skills), minor major in broadcast entertainment (wonderful showmanship with quick agility of wit). Joo Yu-rin has an imprudent European attitude with full capability to do anything along with her good looks. Theres also Seol Gong-chan, a mighty fortunate man, who could handle any business of his own that he wants. There cannot be a more fatal chance of meeting than the one they have; nonetheless they get make a contract sibling agreement perhaps by their will or not. However, the two must join forces to go through the hardship that they must face Theres another couple that get involved. Jung-woo who is a free-loving person, and Gong-chans past sweetheart, Se-hyun, a famous Korean sports star. Jung-woo gets quite frustrated by Yu-rin who keeps escaping from him, and Se-hyun keeps thinking of her past sweetheart, Gong-chan and cant seem to let him go. Despite the small fights, the loving feelings that suddenly arise between Gong-chan and Yu-rin, and Jung-woo and Se-hyuns love for them. What would happen between these four?

JinsuSep 13 2018 12:58 pmGreat drama seriously its brilliant. Lee dha hae love you and all credits goes to her. Thanks for being so cute and beauty.

çalıkuşuSep 05 2018 9:23 amI love this drama. I watch it again and again. So funny and romantic. It is the best.

Sarax95Jun 27 2018 12:42 amThis drama introduced me to the kdrama world

GuiltypleasureApr 26 2018 7:45 amIt must be caused of my age so I am able to endure watching this kind of slow pace & cliche story till the end.

StephJul 21 2017 5:23 amMy all time favorite drama! Watched this back in 2006. This introduced me to the kdrama world! 3

ArihantJun 18 2017 10:49 pmWhat a refreshing and happiness giving drama! I have rarely found dramas comparable to coffee Prince (and I have watched a few) and this one matches CP step for step, especially backed by one of the best performances ever by an actress ,on TV or on screen.

RDApr 09 2017 2:59 amI loveeeeeeeeeeeee this of my most most most most favourite kdrama.Hong sisters are really was the best drama ever.there are many points i like in this drama .all the dreaming sequence, all the elevator scenes,seol gong chan you must be crazy that was my fav.scene,seol gong chans i love you confession with kiss,seo joong woo crying scenes,seol gong chan and ju yoo rin separation at airport,their reunion,and snow globeconcept i reallyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy like it.

chemistry between ldw n ldh oh my god it just perfecttttttttt.i have watched many kdramas chemistry between these two is not comparable with any others. they are too good,awesome…….lee dong wook is really handsome.his lips……..i love ldw.he is great actor.i wish ldw n ldh become real life couple.ost are really beautiful and refreshing.i love to listen it again and agian.i will never forget this going to watch it again and again,again and again,i dnt know how many times.this drama always remain my top fav korean drama.the best rom com drama i have ever seen.

Shanone nethDec 19 2016 8:05 amI ever loving this drama.cant compare another this soooooo much.

JudithDec 05 2016 3:12 amThis drama is my MOST favorite K drama out of everything I have watched and will watch in future.I am sad that it was in 2005 they have made it.I watch Kdramas everyday.I dont know why I dont really feel most of them like how I felt when I watched My girl,Full House and My love from another star.Most of the other kdramas I am in a hurry to end watching and go for a new one. But the ones I mentioned I keep on watching over and over and over and over and over again.I feel these dramas.I never felt like I am wasting my time when I was watching My Girl.It was sweeeet and the chemistry between Yoo Rin and Seol Gong Chan was JUST PERFECT.Like one of the fans here have told No matter how many new dramas with new young cast,smartphones and fabulous dresses and shoes come, MY GIRL 2005 CAN NEVER BE REPLACED.I love love love love this drama sooo much.Are there any other dramas or movies where Lee Da Hae and Lee Dong Wook and acted together?

MayNov 18 2016 2:58 amAll-time No 1 favorite K- drama for me!!!! Ive watched countless K-dramas in my life and this rom-com drama is still No-1 in my heart! Ive rewatched this again and again & i never get bored watching this. The BEST drama ever!!! Its so hilarious and cute yet romantic. I will always miss you Seo Gong Chan & Jo Yoorin. Great chemistry! I can even feel the love between them.. 100% Recommended!

JonycitoSep 11 2016 6:29 amdont eat when your lying.. hehehe

JonycitoSep 11 2016 6:26 amI really like Joo Yoo-Rin….:)

malcolmSep 06 2016 6:01 amThe synopsis for this is a freaking mess but ive never ever laughed so much during a first episode,it literally had me lmao ..

Sadia TonniJul 12 2016 9:00 amReally an awesome drama… i cant forget it… There is nothing here… what you want??- romance,comedy,melo…fill with everything..They are also my fav. couple… wish to have this kind of drama with donghae couple… missing them a lot…dont want to wait again 9 years.. lol..:)

saraJun 13 2016 1:19 amreally i enjoyed lot..i like joo yoo rin so much by her acting and i love this drama so much Joo Yoo Rin your acting really amazing and i feel happy seeing ur character in this drama and i also want to be like this… Sol Kong-Chan Handsome

SanjanaApr 19 2016 8:57 amI dont care how many new dramas come with better cinematography and cell phones, I have watched them all, and I have decided this is my favourite kdrama couple of all time. It helps that the drama is short and cute and sweet, and well rounded. Only complaint is I wish there was an epilogue or a longer happy ending.

FizzaApr 15 2016 8:24 amI am watching this drama 3rd time and every time it feels like the first time. i am sooooooo in love with this drama it makes me laugh and whenever i am sad or depressed i just watch this drama and my sadness goes away and i feel like fresh again. keep up the good work.. youve done a great job as it has no sex scenes and civilized. ive stop watching english serials as they are full of sex scenes and i become frustrated. korean dramas are more smooth, civilized with cute stories. keep it up

ElbaMar 26 2016 2:13 pmThis was an amazing drama for me, loved everything about it. I felt every emotion, feeling going through my body. The only thing that I would loved was to see more happiness for them after all they went thru at the end… and to see the secretary together with the cute model guy.

AznFilm&TV4UJan 21 2016 8:02 pmA near perfect Kdrama series. With great chemistry between the lead characters, a plot that will make you laugh and cry, music so catchy, great choreography and direction, all from the extremely talented director that brought you Boys over Flowers, Jeon Ki-Sang.

My Girl catapulted all three acting careers of Lee Da Hae, Lee Jung Gi, Lee Dong Wook and rightfully so, they really acted their hearts out here. Man, you just cant help but fall in love with Lee Da Haes portrayal of Yoo Rin. It was also my first time watching Lee Jung Gi, wow, he is the ultimate kkotminam. My only criticism lies with Park Si Yeon, both her meek acting and weak character she was given when she couldve done so much more.

Still such a memorable series and right up there with the KDrama greats. Oh and some of the best kissing scenes ever from both leads equally in a Kdrama, not stiff and awkward but filled with passion and tenderness. Why cant every drama kiss be like this?

SizzyDec 12 2015 11:44 amI will be the happiest person on earth of Lee Da Hae and Lee Dong Wook will end up together..

lalalaNov 07 2015 2:53 amdamn. after all these years lee jun ki is still breaking my heart /3

DaneathOct 28 2015 1:17 amNo other dramas can replace my girl in my mind. Love the character, Joo yurin and Seol Gongchan, and now I still listen to all the songs that existed in my girl.

RizmiSep 27 2015 3:45 pmThis was an awesome awesome awesome drama!! The acting! The plot! The comedy! The emotions! Everything was just Daebak!!!! Made me laugh made me cry!! Everyones acting was just awesome! Watched it in 2015 and it was amazing!!!!

DramaloverAug 31 2015 4:38 amThis is really one of my all time favorite drama. The storyline, the chemistry between the leads and the overall casts, I LOVE EVERYTHING about this drama. Im always reminded of this drama whenever December comes. Its really strange and i dont really know why. Just feel that this drama will be in my core memory forever. Its one of the best. Seems like I have a lot of memories related to this drama. I first watched this when I was in grade 9 (may be, Im not really sure). That was also the happiest time in my life. Life was not this convenient back then. I followed every ep yet I missed the last one because of we didnt have internet here at that time and I missed it when it was broadcasted on TV. Anyway, I can enjoy watching it as much as I want right now. MY GIRLs fever is still going on. Dont know what I should say more, but I REALLY REALLY REALLY LOVE THIS DRAMA, JOO YURIN and SOL KONGCHAN!!!! Thanks for directing, writing and acting this drama out. I cant be more thankful than this.

yayAug 13 2015 1:14 amdong wooks name in my girl is JULIAN in our country, i remember the days when i call my secret crush julian (code name) so that no one would know. haha! thats my highschool affair, i cant imagine im working now! that way too long,.:)

farahAug 11 2015 1:06 pmMy first korean drama and my kdrama addiction started with this. Anything first is always unforgetable. I cherish every moment with this drama.

AshAug 03 2015 2:41 pmJus complted this drama Jus can say one of the best drama Awsum acting both leads look perfectly fit for each other Worth watching Hope it had 20 epi Hwaitng!!!!!!

sonifa yashMay 31 2015 12:58 amReally fantastic drama… when I finished watching this drama,i searched for it…. then only I found that it was 2005 drama… I was really shocked bcoz when I was 6 it has been aired… now I am 16,i am so sad for watching this drama too late… but also I am very happy…..

HappinessMay 30 2015 9:43 pmAm from Malawi. I love d movie,wat a beautiful & great series it z. I can repeat it over ten times without getting tired. Gosh-chan am in love with you.

cherryannApr 02 2015 9:16 amit was so beautiful drama i wish in my birthday it has a My girl 2

sanaMar 04 2015 6:15 amhalo im indonesian.. all of u did great great job This is the best korean drama ive ever watched Believe or not i have watched this drama more than 5 times since 2007, i cant move on from this lol thank you very much

shaniJan 26 2015 8:56 pmoh what a lovely drama.. its so intersting

DilJan 25 2015 6:51 amA well written & awesome story with light comedy to very emotional moments. Lead couple handsome Lee Dong Wook & pretty Lee Dae Hae are sharing a great chemistry on screen. Unique features & qualities of Yoo Rin character is really hard to find on other dramas, Still cant get over watching this.

malaniJan 16 2015 6:03 amthis is the best drama i have ever seen. I love it so much . Im from SRILANKA.

poojaDec 27 2014 8:51 amThis is the best korean drama I have watched. Its very interesting, My favourite drama, I love it so much.

MeghaDec 26 2014 4:24 amwhat a lovely movieee.Love it soo much.i have watched this 3times and never ever fed up of it..among many korean dramas i recommend this is the most significant drama ever!!Fighting!!

ShanuDec 26 2014 4:17 amBest korean drama Ive ever ol acting,lovely music and wow no words to explain….

zameera srilankaDec 22 2014 3:21 amthis is a one of best korean drama. I love it soooooooooooooooooooo much. Lee Da Hae & Lee Dong Wook acting is best. this teledrama telecast in srilanka as Thatu Ahimi Samanali……………………………… FAITING……..!!!!!!!!!!! 3 3 3

semaphoreDec 04 2014 11:06 ama mustseen drama!! My first drama, Ive watched meanwhile many, many Korean Drama but this is still the best in my list. with de best drama musics. But i recommend it to watch it in winter;)

SunethraNov 29 2014 10:51 amIm really love this drama. Its very nice. Nice Story & Good locations& V.Good cloths styles.

SuzyNov 10 2014 2:12 amFinally I found this drama!!! I remember when I was young my mums cousin would watch this on the big screen tv but dubbed in Chinese. Then while watching Roommates in the episode where they went camping I saw The Kiss Scene Im like OMG Ive seen this before.

paradiseeOct 15 2014 3:55 amThis is the best drama ever!! i loved everything and music is so good and perfect i really regret that i have watched so late this drama Lee Dong-Wook is great actor

saraSep 03 2014 7:31 amIve watched it because of lee jun ki, i really love him, love his acting love his face his personality, love everything about him and everything he does, im his 1 fan

julie pearl uyAug 28 2014 3:13 amLee Da hae is so cute and pretty ^ ^ Lee Dong wook with Lee Da hae, i think a nice couple.. I really love this drama hehe:)

jacob deborahAug 25 2014 8:29 amreally love this movie..lee joon gi was my own main actor in this movie….he really made me cry. Lee joon gi is cute… him…..bravo! lee joon gi oppa!!!

jacob deborahAug 25 2014 8:13 amreally love the movie….lee joon gi was my main actor there…because he really made me cry…..and he is cute toowinks….love him…..bravo! lee joon gi oppa!!!

jacob deborahAug 25 2014 8:05 amreally love the movie because of lee joon gi….he really made me cry……wished he was the main actor in the play…..loved his acts…bravo!! lee joon gi oppa!!!

angelica (JK Darren)Aug 25 2014 1:29 amI really love this movie…….lee da-hae is so cute and beautiful…lee dong-wook is so handsome

che wongJul 28 2014 9:48 amI really really love this movie.they are so perfect couple.

mimiyaJul 27 2014 10:54 am@Clarkdale44… I agree w/ u … female lead is weak ….. she tried too hard to be cute… I guess I am not a fan of her acting.(especially not comedy)…… ……. …… …… ….. she needs to take a lesson about being a cute, spunky, street-smart girl from: Song Hye-Kyo in Full House …. or Kim Tae-Hee in My Princess …. or Yoon Eun-Hye in Lie to Me ….. ….. …… ….. …… ….. I think she was only so-so here, otherwise, this would have been an Amazing Rom-Com!!!

angelica.suerteJul 13 2014 3:44 amiam very exited to see the new movie of my girl super

CIAMay 30 2014 9:23 amJaaayden and CIEL Chairwoman Ah Mo Ne yaaaa~

Lindsay JungFeb 16 2014 10:00 amThe first few episodes are just too funny for me until the story became more and more serious until the end of the drama.

uwani isharaJan 05 2014 8:09 amI like this drama so much & meaningful story. but im worry about seo jung woo..

priyaJan 01 2014 2:25 pmVery nice drama, loved it……..nice acting…..

Clarkdale44Dec 26 2013 4:40 amDecent deama… casts was ok but i felt that female lead was weak compared to the male lead, and i felt the incompatibility between them, still it kept me on the track till episode 10 then it got all boring. I managed to finish this drama just fine with little skipping… OST is pretty good and well matched according to the scene. I will give it 6/10.

poozahDec 18 2013 11:22 amPerfect story I just love it Thank you for this movie

PunithDec 14 2013 5:44 amThis is first korean drama i have seen with complete interest and it is very hert touching stroy and it explains me about true love. I salute for Joo Yoo-Rin and now i am abig fan of her. Thanks a lot for a good story……

MarieOct 05 2013 11:40 amits a very good drama! Lee Da Hae is amazing in this show especially when you compare this role of Yoo-Rin to her other roles which are more serious (Chuno, Robbers, etc!!!)! anyway I love this heroine!! shes so peppy and funny!! I love her hairstyles too! so cute!!!^^ I also love the lead couple, I think they have great chemistry together!!! 3 3… the ending is a little bit disappointing especially if you compare it with the rest of the drama which is brilliant with heart-wrenching moments mixed with funny and cute scenes!! so yes, the ending feels maybe a little bit rushed, well not as well-written!! but I think this is generally the case with Hong Sisters dramas (Big, Youre beautiful, Masters Sun…) but the spoofs scenes are still the funniest!!! the only character I cant stand is Se-Hyung!!! Ive heard that she was the most hated character in Korea! ^^lol no wonder!!! shes a real b**** from beginning to the end!! I feel sorry for Jun-Kis character!! hes so sweet!! so yes, a very good drama!!

HanabiAug 03 2013 8:55 pmAnd since it wont let me edit or delete my other comment, I have to write a new one to add something.. Not only is Kong-Chan a *bleep* for the way he treats his girlfriend, hes actually pretty horrible to Yu-Rin herself, and? To Jung-Woo. The guy he supposedly grew up with and loves like a brother. Someone should throw Kong-Chan off a cliff.

HanabiAug 03 2013 2:57 amA great drama? Best ever? Not in the slightest bit. Im sorry… but a couple people falling hopelessly in love like its fate or something when HE CURRENTLY HAS A GIRLFRIEND that hes constantly dumping like her heart doesnt matter? Not adorable. Downright disgusting.

Se-Hyun was a jerk for what she did to him, yes, and especially after that I dont know if she and Kong-Chun would really work together. I also dont really think Yu-Rin and Jung-Woo would work together- even though he loves her, theyre adorable as best friends or family and dont have to be a couple.

But the fact Kong-Chun is lying to Se-Hyun, claiming to be trying to building their relationship while treating her like shes just a toy that he can pick up for a while and drop the second Yu-Rin calls makes me hate him. Hes an unfaithful jerk. And the fact Yu-Rins only reason for not being allowed to end up with him is cause shes his cousin, who cares that he has a girlfriend who is being crushed by all this… makes me hate her almost as much. Shes an underhanded thief.

Not a romantic drama. Not a cute drama. Just a stupid plot device thats used way too often. Leave! It! OUT! THEN it would be totally adorable.

kathyJul 09 2013 2:29 pmthis drama will touch you in a most beautiful way…. n will leave a beautiful memory to which you will always return!

uselessJun 23 2013 2:36 pmgreat drama with great ending. love the chemistry between lee da hae and lee dong wook

MarjanMay 30 2013 5:01 amPerfect Drama, Perfect Story , Perfect Couple, Perfect Music……….alllls Perfect , the Best Korean Drama Ive ever Watched, misssssssssssss it alot:x♥

May 12 2013 9:36 amThis is the best Korean drama that I ever watched. It made me laugh and cry a lot and I watched it several times but yet I want to watch it again you know its a brilliant drama

Sanrang JollyApr 02 2013 4:08 amJust want to say mind blowing.

ZiMar 30 2013 8:21 pmHey all:) Anyone knows the name of the trot song sang by Joo Yorin in ep 4??

setareMar 29 2013 5:53 pmits the best korean drama ever!! dont doubt on it… believe me. i love all of them ♥♥

Khaidem binodiniMar 10 2013 7:07 amMY GIRL is the best korean drama ive ever watched. Ive watched it innumerably ,yet it still strikes me till today. No other drama can match it. Lee Dong Wook and Lee Da Hae makes the best onscreen couple, their chemistry rocks. My Girl team ….FIGHTING…and surely YOU WILL BE BLESSED in the future too.

Blessing OgunsakinFeb 25 2013 4:34 pmThis is one of my best movie,i watch was a great work nd a nice story.

salFeb 05 2013 9:57 amohhh my!! this drama is so amazing..i cant stop watching for 2-3 times! Lee Dong Wook, u are the best actor.. gonna miss u a lot!

bakerFeb 05 2013 8:14 amThis drama was awesome. Lee Da Hae and Lee Jun Ki were very funny while Lee Dong Wook was cool. I really miss the character of Ju Yu Rin.

kishOct 08 2012 7:58 amthe BEST korean drama ever!!!! trust me! ^^

ShadelSep 28 2012 8:29 pmEvery time I remember My Girl, I can say that this series was THE MOST FUNNIEST ROMANTIC COMEDY SERIES Ive ever watched. My stomach really aches because of unstoppable laughter brought by Da Hae for her character, her natural charms cuteness and undeniable beautiful face made her so lovable. Dong Wook on the other hand is may be one of the most good-looking guy Ive ever watched, overall, this series was I can say the most abundant good-looking actors that ever casted in a series. The acting ability was spontaneous and very well done, the love story of Da Hae & Dong Wook in the series was not as sweet w/ Eun Hye & Ji Hoon in Princess Hours, but their Chemistry together as a couple burst towards the viewers. If you really want to see a lot of comic scene at the same time to fall in love, this drama was the perfect one to watched. No doubted this was one the Best Korean Drama in Asia, still making on the top 10 lists as the Most Successful Series in Asia.

LoonyLizardJul 13 2012 11:00 pmJust wondering if I got a bad translation on the subtitles here. Is it possible that its set in 1986 and the Osaka earthquake they refer to was in 1966? The reason I ask is simple – the clothes and hair. Lee Dong Wook, even though I love his work, looks like he ripped off REO Speedwagon during their heyday. I find it hard to believe ANYBODY thought that was stylish after 1990.

LosaliniJun 28 2012 11:29 pmI love this movie,Cant help myself watching it over and over again! Its edy and Romance at the same time….You guys are so AMAZING!!!!

HyaMay 22 2012 2:43 pmUm, DO NOT BELIEVE anyone who says this drama sucks. IT IS AWESOME. While Lee Jun Ki is cute and all, he never was able to get between Lee Da Hae and Lee dong Wook for me. And Lee Da Hae=awesomeness.

Sherryl.Apr 02 2012 4:07 pmLee junki is the only reason why i watch this drama! hes so handsome and cool 3 saranghaee junki 3

hazimah hs 66Feb 18 2012 7:52 amCant believe the first time I watch this was 6 years ago when I was 16 now im 21 turning 22. My love for this drama is still strong! This drama is not one of the best but THE BEST OF ALL!! Great directing,storyline,acting,actress and actor. Lee da hae is my favorite actress and still is she is,my first favorite korean actress, how she manages to act in a sad heart-wrenching drama and happy,comedy,cute drama is amazing, shes amazingly talented. Lee dong wook is my first korean actor crush because of this drama. I am currently watching Wild Romance(a KDrama which lee Dong wook is the lead actor) because of wild romance, the memory of my girl flash in my mind and than I start to search My Girl and comment on this page. My girl bring so much happy memories with my family and that year 2006, we watched together as a family, now were all grown up, we have our own thing to do. Its 18/02/2012 on saturday,9.45pm,few more hours on Sunday 19/02/2012 Lee Da Hae will be on the korean variety tv show Running Man! Daebak! I cant wait! I hope that Lee Da Hae and Lee Dong wook will work again together soon, to me they are the best drama couple! (^_^)v

ConsusJan 17 2012 6:46 pmLoved this movie, wished Lee Jun Ki was the main lead. Loved the spa scene the best. I think the Hong Sisters were spoofing some of his earlier characters he played.

My one gripe is why the Hong Sisters were not linked as the writers of this drama.

millieDec 31 2011 7:30 amHate Kim Seohyun. She tried to stop Yoorin and Gongchan love story… huhuhuhu..

DarlingsayangDec 31 2011 7:28 amLee Dong Wook handsome! Like you!

SheraDec 31 2011 7:26 amWhat can I say is this drama is not boring and interesting. I like watching it. Their love story was so amazing and romantic. There was a comedy part and sad part. I like this drama:)

MariaNov 22 2011 8:44 amReally great GREAT show.. The story and the actors fit really well. With Ju Yoo Rin (Lee Da-Hae) and Sol Kong-Chan (Lee Dong-wook).. Give it a try if you cant find anything else to watch:D

japanbreadOct 30 2011 3:43 pmI didnt think there was good chemistry between the leads. It wasnt horrible, but not great either. Watch it if you dont have anything else to watch

karlitaFeb 03 2011 2:44 pmLee Jun-Ki is the best in this drama, cuz i think that the story is a bit boring ¬_¬

NightLizardAug 29 2009 6:48 amThis is one of the best drama ever! I re-watched it so many time and still gonna watch it more! Da-hae Lee is incredible!!!

*Kang Ha-Neulcast in KBS2 dramaWhen Camellia Blooms

*Hyun-BinSon Ye-Jincast in tvN dramaLoves Emergency Landing

*Ryoma Takeuchicast in movieThe Sun Does Not Move

*Haru Kurokicast in TBS dramaNagis Long Vacation

*Kim Go-Euncast in dramaThe King: Monarch of Eternity

*Takashi Sorimachicast in TV Tokyo dramaLegal Heart

*Yudai Chibacast in NHK dramaThe Sunflower on the Shogi Board

*Sakurako Oharacast in TV Tokyo dramaSoaking Wet Private Detective

*Han Ji-HyeLee Sang-Woocast in MBC dramaGolden Garden

*Lee Dong-Wookcast in OCN dramaStrangers From Hell

*Toshiaki KarasawaYoko Makicast in NTV dramaVoice

*Kyoko FukadaKoji Setocast in Fuji TV dramaDaughter of Lupin

*Takumi SaitoMasataka Kubotacast in Hulu dramaCriminologist Himura & Mystery Writer Arisugawa 2

*Lee Min-Hocast in dramaThe King: Monarch of Eternity