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July 25, 20181:59pmUpdatedJuly 25, 2018 2:04pm

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So begins 20-year-old Emmanuel Fredenrichswebsite-meets-dating profile and it delivers on the weird, if maybe not on the truth.

Frustrated with the limits of dating apps such as Tinder, the Swiss entrepreneur, who says hes recently moved from LA to Chelsea, created the site to find a potential mate this spring.

Then, to ensure the maximum number of eligible-lady eyeballs, he bought ads for the site on Facebook and Instagram, targeting women ages 18 to 22 in the Manhattan area.

I just like doing crazy things, Fredenrich, who hails from Geneva and describes himself as a billionaire (he is not onForbes 2018 list of billionaires) tells The Post. I hate boring, and I like laughing.

Maybe that explains sentences such as this one, on his website:

Im looking for a special girl to date . . . Im aware that posting an ad to do that is about as normal as seeing an elephant commit mass murder with an AK-47 and then being killed by a baby racoon.

Or this one: Are you sick and tired of being approached by drunken, foul-smelling, urine-producing, ass-touching, boobs-grabbing, barely-shaved mass murderers in bars and clubs?

Or even: My private parts are over 6 inches so its gonna be fun, baby.

Fredenrichs call for a partner folds such graphic descriptions often formatted with a strikethrough, which he says is meant to indicate sarcasm into a more straightforward description of the young bachelor.

He describes himself as an Instagram influencer and CEO of health-supplement company Nutrition Optimale. (YouTube videos accuse the company of being a scam something Fredenrich also cheerfully boasts about on his dating site.)

Fredenrich says he has high standards for the women he dates. His ideal match: a woman involved in media or advertising, who takes care of herself and likes staying fit and likes to go on adventures.

And while his website states hes looking for a blond, promiscuous date who will send him nudes, Fredenrich says this isnt the case: This line, like many on the site, is simply a display of his sense of humor.

It took Fredenrich some time to come up with his eyebrow-raiser of a dating profile. I was really disappointed with what I came up with first, he says.

He sat down and reread the draft and decided to add in humor, via those wacky asides. Now, he says, I feel like this is me speaking.

Which isnt to say that his profile is especially honest. On the site, he urges readers to take his words with a grain of salt.

For example, Fredenrich tells The Post he will not pronounce himself on the size of his genitals. Also: He has not been to Pablo Escobars old house, he will not be asking women for nudes or sending out his own, he does not have AIDS or any other sexually transmitted infection and he has not slept with European prostitutes all jokes he makes on the site.

Regardless, hes getting bites: Fredenrich, who has some 144,000 Instagram followers, says he received 500 written application forms in the first 24 hours. Although he hasnt taken an exact tally, he thinks he has since received over a thousand inquiries from eligible bachelorettes.

Hes been on a few dates with women he met from the website, and says they were definitely really interesting. Im really happy that I did this ad.

If you think you may be the gal for Fredenrich who, despite his high-flying lifestyle, describes himself as a real low-key person who doesnt take life too seriously you can send him a DM on Facebook or Instagram. Expect to grab coffee or take a walk on the High Line.

But dont be disappointed if it doesnt work out. He has those high standards for the women he dates, and hes not really ready to settle down. Im 20, so marriage is definitely off for a very long time, he says.

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