Would you date a beautiful legally blind woman after the fact knowing that she is blind?

Because lets face it you cant tell if a person is blind unless you have personal experience or she is carrying the obvious. Say she was walking at the park and you saw her and she heard your voice but you did not know. Would you still ask her out? I mean this girl is blind and she is pretty. Would you date her?link

Would you date a beautiful legally blind woman after the fact knowing that she is blind?

1. I did see the link but even before I saw the link my answer was YES

2. For me the person matters and when I like that person, especially if theres mutual liking then Ive already accepted what she is all about

3. I get put off by something that is purposefully hidden from me w/o reason (I am a very liberal person though I may come off as an opinionated guy. Opinions however, are subject to change depending on various factors – change is the only constant)

4. Pretty, beautiful, cute, sexy etc are subjective and limited to how one views these terms on something or someone

5. Bottomline without considering the pic but knowing shes legally blind and that we like each other – YES!

I would, I Think I would be happy to have a blind beautiful women, that can depend on me the whole time, Well if you Think her blindnes is gonna be a burden to you and annoying Then you probably shouldnt.

Nope no I wouldnt. What happens when we have sex? I like being blindfolded and if shes blind that wont have a good ending. Its going to be the blind leading the blind.

No, I wont. I want to see the expression in her eyes whilst adoring a visual beauty. I want to see the aesthetic in her eyes and that is very important to me.

if she has a personality that matches mine and is attractive to me absolutely yes.

If I was into her, yes. If we share mutual interests, why would I let something like the fact she is blind stop me?

Blindness would not be a deal breaker to me. Deafness would not be a deal breaker. Personality would be a deal breaker.

Im legally blind myself and have dated able bodied women and disabled women

Ofcourse I will date her. If two Blind people can live together & make a beautiful life then Y we cannot?

The direct answer is yes I would. For me, and IMHO any guy looking for a real relationship, dating is used to determine compatibility.

I look at a woman as a tapestry that is composed of many different and intricate threads. Some threads are frayed and others strong. Some are plain while others are vibrant. However, it is the totality of the persons threads and how they appeal to me that creates compatibility (from my POV).

Blind, deaf, short, tall, smart, simple, blue eyes, brown hair, etc… These are all threads. Compatibility all depends on the total picture and only by dating this woman can one see all the threads.

Why not? People been blind forever and have had regular fulfilling families.

Its important to me that she find me desireable. I dont know how she determines what guys turn her on, but Id want to know and understand why its ME.

Pretty or not, blind or not, if I had enough in common with her I would date her. She doesnt have to look like the girl in your picture. Im OK with less. As for her being blind, I would at bare minimum give dating her a shot, if we got along well. So yeah, assuming we have chemistry, I would date her. Thats what matters first. Though I assume her blindness would be an adjustment. But yeah, as I said, Id give it a shot. Do we have chemistry?

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