Learn To Approach To obtain this goal the most important thing is to learn how to be attractive to women without being the best-looking, the richest, or the smartest.

In other words the idea is to attract women without being the most perfect guy on earth but then again what is the perfect guy?

During the attraction phase the idea isnt to tell a beautiful lady all the reasons why she should be with you. What it is important in this phase is that you show her how attractive your personality is so she can see what a great guy you really are.

It doesnt matter if you are successful in breaking the ice or how fascinated her friends are with you, you must make it obvious to her that you are attracted to the qualities she likes the most about herself.

Normally women dont rack their brains deciding how much value you can offer them. However they will always pay attention to the way they feel when they are with you and that is what measures your value to any woman.

Many guys tend to think that just by being there women will appreciate them, but this is never going to be enough. If you are the most handsome guy in the World your presence could be a good starter for some types of ladies.  A woman may like how it feels to have a handsome guy around her and give that a particular value.

Yet if your appearance is good enough to attract women, the spell is broken quickly if you dont have something besides good looks offer. Apart from that, having good qualities like telling interesting and funny stories, jokes and presenting yourself as a good person to talk too, is much better than showing off. Most women wont fall for that.

It is no secret that women want to see some good qualities in a man. Women prefer men who show good qualities over the guys who are showing their weaknesses and mention them constantly.

So when you are approaching women make sure you can display your better qualities if not you are sure to be rejected quickly and be left all alone thinking that maybe someday they will succeed.

Staying out of the Friends Zone Posted by Learn to Approach

Staying out of the Friends Zone Posted by Learn to Approach