Most girls dont go for men based on their looks. But rather with those who are fortunately

furnished with bountiful possessions. Though its not quite the ideal picture if the search is for true

love and companionship, its still the dream of many women out there to date rich men. Probably,

these women envision a perfect man to be not only physically attractive, smart, and wellmannered,

but also with the capability to provide more than the basic needs.

Love does make people happy. But as reality strikes, money can make relationships more blissful

and exciting. Getting a trip for two to Paris or a one week stay at a fabulous resort can definitely

make love grow. And sure enough, these great pleasures are not possible without the availability

of money. But what does it take for someone to be dating rich men?

Firstly, a woman needs to be presentable. Rich men have the edge to convince and date as many

beautiful girls as many as they want. However, one thing these girls have in common is that they

look good and can act charming. Some are not even as beautiful as others, yet they know how to

make an impact and get the most of what they have.

Another is to be smart. Physical attractiveness is often good for nothing if someone is without

brains and cool personality. When dating rich men, how one looks may be a captivating feature,

but its the personality that makes the company stay longer. Men admire those who are smart and

this is usually manifested in how the girl talks. Showing a delicate feminine touch while

communicating as well as in the overall personality can be a contributing factor that can fascinate

men at the first glance. Furthermore, remember not to go to extremes otherwise they might not like

Women should also act elegantly. Its never a good idea to show the real intention – if someone is

searching for and dating rich men. Instead, act in a way that it will impress them. Its wise to never

flaunt free and dependent social graces as these may convey a thought that its their money thats

being sought for. Its best to be a woman who is independent even its the other way around! And if

without a job, show no interest on their financial status by not letting them spend an excessive

Also, its important to be cautious. The date may have turned to reality, but always be heedful on

the possible end consequences. The search for rich men may end up in a mess on the girls part.

Wealthy guys may go on a date, have a one night stand and nothing serious occurs afterwards. If

a woman is willing to be with wealthy guys, they need to be ready to face the undesirable

To conclude, dating rich men may provide lots of advantages for some womens crisis. However, if

it can help lift up a girls misfortune, it can also devastate them so the woman must know what she

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