Say the was 8/10 and the guy was 6/10 would she date him if she liked his personality and every thing or would she just blow him off because hes not hot?

how many times you been to the mall, restaurant or city park then see some smoking fox dragging along some fat slob of a ol man or bonerack nerd when you kknow for a fact your ten times better lookn with a pretty big kawk to boot you KNOW theyd like a lot better!

chix fall for these creeps because they like being lied to, they want to be promised the world & these creeps will say that shiite & by the time the chick sobers up to em the chix over 30 & probablky has a few kids by the weasel, so yourself & the chick you like a fovor & bust fawkjn move on her before one of them weasels does first.

Yes. Speaking generally, most of my female friends (even the most attractive ones) generally date +/- 3 points of themselves. This is me speculating broadly, but I think there are more really attractive girls than really attractive guys, so guys have a better shot of ending up with someone more attractive than them.

Guys have to be honest about with themselves about where they rank in, though. My guy friends range from about 4-8, and they all seem to think theyre 9s.

Lol at the last part I know a lot of people like that. But I honestly think Im a 6-7.

Depends on her preference. Rarely, girls look at only the personality. Looks are the primary cause for attraction, at least from my experience. It also depends on how mature a girl is. Older ones might really want a good personality rather than hot looks and being a douchebag. Younger ones are stupid and dont care about character.

I would say absolutely! I know a ton of girls who would actually perfer dating a more average looking guy who was really nice over a really hot guy who is a big d-bag. When I was your age, I went through a phase where I only dated guys that were hot, and it never really worked out well.

Im sure there are some girls that are really shallow, but must people outgrow that and realize whats really important.

That depends what do you think of as beautiful girls? Some girls do, but if she is beautiful and she doesnt want anything to do with you, then she isnt a keeper anyway.

yes,i see it all the time,but to be fair,those guys are usually very popular (athletes,confident-you know,the typical popular guys)

Some do some dont. Ive certainly seen some really beautiful women who date guys typically not considered attractive.

i firmly believe hed have to do something incredible to sweep her off her feet, or he has a fat wallet

In Boston, they absolutely dont. They detest when a guy who is less than a 10 even looks at them.

Sure why not. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder right.

Well, it really depends. If Im comfortable being with him and find that he really isnt a bad guy and I enjoy being with him Ill give him a shot. I mean, everyone deserves a chance. And for me, it doesnt matter if a guy isnt hot. Its not the looks that counts. Their inside counts more. I mean, most guys that are hot might get all the girls but he can be a jerk you know. Not all hot guys are nice. I would date someone if I liked his personality and everything. Cause thats what I look for in guys, you know. Its the inside that counts, not the outside.

Girls who are hot and beautiful know they can have any guy they want so they will not go for an average guy. The guy they go for may not always be the hottest (although most of the time he will) but he will usually have something way above average (popularity, status etc).

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