Im sick and tired of reading this question everywhere especially in search engine results. The answer is:

As a woman who has been harassed by unattractive men who would not take no for an answer I must state for the record that hot girlsdo notsleep with ugly guys. If youre a man, reading all these stupid links in search engine results about hotter girls wanting to sleep with you is just fueling delusional fantasies and ultimate disappointment (not to mention causing aggravation for hot girls that youre foolishly pursuing)! I know because I have been in both positionsas the hotter girl who is harassed by much less attractive guys who read too many delusional blog posts and see too many fantasy films catering to male imaginations instead of to male realities. Ive also been the desperate woman pursuing a man who was clearly out of my league until he made it clear that he wasnt interested in me (a humiliating experience that taught me to aim for men who are a little less god-like). The only exception is if some Adonis decides to ask me outthen full speed ahead!

Before I continue lets clarify a few points. By hot I mean any girl on a scale of 110 ranked higher than you. If youre an unkept, overweight guy and are a 4, a hot girl is any girl on the scale of 510. Likewise, if youre a reasonably attractive guy who works out every now and then and is a 7 on the scale, a hot girl is an 810. So the word ugly is only relative to your level of hotness. Additionally, beauty is subjective and people with confident, warm personalities enhance their physical beauty tremendously. So, take these numbers as rough estimates that are an overall score instead of being solely about physical looks.

Studies have shown that no oneneither men nor womenare willing to date someone less attractive than they are. This is the reality regardless of how you feel about it. Studies also show that on average men tend to be less realistic than women about their attractivenessoften scoring themselves higher than most people would score them. For both genders someone who is a 7 doesnt want to date anyone less than a 7 and a 4 refuses to date anyone less than a 4. The disconnect occurs when a 4 refuses to consider another 4 or 5 and only wants a 7 or above. This is a common pattern I see with guys pursuing hotter girlsa guy who is a 5 tries to get an 8 to date him.

One cunning strategy that less attractive men employ (which is extremely irritating to women) is to play the Nice Guy. The Nice Guy is never rude or mean. Hes friendly and does his best to occupy all of the girls attention. He shows up where she is, becomes her friend, and generally tries to spend as much time with her as possible. The Nice Guy believes that even if the girl only sees him as a platonic friend he will eventually wear down her resistance and make her fall for him or at least sleep with him. But what he doesnt realize is that this tactic only works on mennot women! From an evolutionary perspective a man loses nothing by having sex (sperm doesnt cost much). A woman has a much higher opportunity cost if she gets pregnant. The Nice Guy is one of the tactics that annoys me the most because nobody likes it when somebody they have no interest in is constantly hanging around them hoping theyll fall in love. Imagine if youre female and a 7. Youre no supermodel, but pretty enough to get plenty of attention from men who suddenly all think they have a chance with you unlike the scary, intimidating 9. But the problem is that all the other average joes think this way too! The principle of not dating down still applies, but the 5s, 4s, and even 3s who are not in tune to the reality of their own looks think they have an actual chance with the 7. Ignoring her obvious apathy and disinterest (and in some casesunequivocal rejection) they harass her by constantly showing up where she is, trying to monopolize her time and attention, and corner her until they think theyve worn her down and shell give up and date them. Btw, if youre using this tacticSTOP. By doing this youre demonstrating serious narcissism and a deep lack of respect for women. This kind of behavior is sexual harassment and the line of reasoning used by rapists. Remember that there are about 1020 other guys who are trying to use this same ineffective strategy on her at the same time. The best thing to do is to take a careful, realistic look at yourself. Post a photo from Flickr to online forums and ask strangers how hot they think you are. Ask your friends for an honest opinion. Get an average of everyones ratingsthat is your number. Then start approaching women closer to your level of attractiveness. You can aim a little higher too sometimeslooks can be subjective. But stay realisticif youre a 4, dont relentlessly Nice Guy pursue an 8. Youre just going to piss her off and force her to either flee or confront you in a possibly nasty way. Be honestafter youve gotten to know her politely ask her out for coffee or something casual and if she says no you have your answer. If she says yes, then ask her out for dinner next time. If you dont like frequent rejection, then aim for women closer to your league. But dont turn into the Nice Guy. Hes a sinister misogynist dressed up in cupcakes and cotton candy. He looks harmless but his actions are aggressive and ignores a womans right to choose who she wants to date.

Now that weve established that people want to date others of a similar level of attractiveness (or better), Ill admit that there are exceptions to this rule. But dont get too excited because the requirements to become an exception to the rule are steep. Basically, you must have in abundance those attributes that she lacks. You must also be fairly close in age. If youre 65, you may be an 8 among women in their 60s, but its unlikely that youll be scored as anything higher than a 1 or 2 by a woman in her twenties.

So hypothetically, youre a 5 who wants to date an 8. You will need:

This is an obvious one. If you are a 5 who wants to date an 8, you will need to have much more money than she does. If she is a millionaire heiress, then youd better be a billionaire.

But if shes a social worker struggling to pay off her college student loans, you wont have to be nearly as rich.

If she didnt finish high school and youre an MD surgeon, an 8 may choose to date you. Money is usually a factor here too but its less influential when theres a big gap in your favor for educational attainment. However, if youre very well-educated you might not be willing to date someone who is much less educated8 or no.

Youre descended from royalty (either actual royalty or you come from old money) and have the fancy manners, social connections, and titles to match. An 8 who doesnt have those connections (the majority of them) would think about dating you if those connections are elite enough. This is why rich royals, celebrities, and rockstar entrepreneurs can date models and each other.

Ah power. So intangible and yet sopowerful. If youre the scion of the head of a major corporation or political dynasty, or youre an American senator, a member of the House of Lords, or some other powerful political figure, a woman will be willing to forgo a few ranks to acquire some of that power by dating you.

All of these attributes in some combination that makes up for what a hot girl lacks will get you the 8, 9, or 10 provided that she thinks its a worthy trade off. Men often call women gold diggers but whats really happening is that an ugly guy is pursuing a hotter girl who is many levels higher than him in attractiveness. He thinks hes being exploited but he doesnt see the actual transaction thats taking placethe 8 is giving up 3 ranks to date a 5 because the other attributes that the 5 brings to the table is worth 3 levels of hotness. This is how the real world works, fellas, and the clearer you get about this the less you waste your youth chasing after rainbows. Remember, your dating pool decreases too as you get older.

Generally, people want to marry those who are similar to themselves. Often a college-educated man from a good school isnt willing to marry a woman who didnt finish high school. A man who earns 6 figures isnt willing to marry a woman whose salary is in the low 5 figures. A Victorias Secret model earning $1 million a year wants a guy who looks like a Calvin Klein model earning at least $1 million a year (why do you think American football player Tom Brady is so desperate to keep working as the New England Patriots quaterback? Its not because he hates retirementits because he needs to match his supermodel wife Gisele in salary and success in order to keep her!) As a 5 unless you have something exceptional to offer why would an 8 want to date you? Likewise, if youre an 8 man, why would you choose a 5 woman unless she offered something exceptional?

Evan Spiegel, founder of Snapchat, andMiranda Kerr, supermodel. Theres a fairly obvious discrepancy in looks between the two. Appearance-wise Id rank Evan as about a 6 and Miranda as a 9. However, I think Miranda still did well here because Evan is probably worth more than the 3 rank difference. Hes already worth almost $4 billion at 27 years old with a lifetime of financial growth ahead of him. Hes about 62 tall and is younger than her. Assuming his net worth doesnt increase a whole lot more this is a good match. But if he gets much wealthier, like Bill Gates or Warren Buffett, we may see them divorce in about 10 years and him marrying a younger woman. Miranda has anticipated this, so immediately got pregnant after their wedding to secure the marriage or at least be able to claim alimony and child support if the young billionaire changes his mind about her.

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