Last night, I met a very beautiful girl. Appearance wise, she is just like how I like them: slender Asian girl from Taiwan. Dainty face, dainty hands, dainty feet… So of course, when I told her to relax and I would massage her feet…. WOW. As soon as she put her feet in my lap and I took off her shoes, there was a distinct odor of foot. She was wearing open-toed heels too. What the heck!!!! I am completely torn, she was very beautiful in person, and when I look at her Facebook, I found out she was a B-level actress in Taiwan. I liked her personality, too. But the smell of her feet… Is this something I can get over, or is this something where I will have to cut bait?

I have dated many Asian girls before, and have done a lot of foot massages, even after long walks, and this is the first time Ive ever encountered a smelly feet problem.

First of all, smelly feet is not just an Asian girl problem. It can happen to anyone. As far as it being a deal breaker, that is up to you. You can talk to her about it but she will prolly be offended and embarrassed.

Sometimes its just the shoes. Open-toes wouldnt be enough to air out the feet, so thats a moot point. If youre that bothered by it, dont see her again — plain and simple. But smelly feet really isnt a deal breaker, imo.

Okay this made me lol. From what I understand she wasnt coming out of the shower when you did that right?? Its a minor thing imo. Dont run off cause of THAT or else… well lets say you spend the next 30 years with a woman, not her in particular, just any… chances are youll experience something a lot more gross than that, with your partner. My point is, this is very superficial, give it some thought. 😉

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