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AITA for not taking my kids with me on vacation?

My wife and I separated last year. We have 3 kids (13,11 and 8) and have shared custody. The kids are having a great summer IMO. Their mom has more time off than me and is taking them to a cottage for a week, to visit my sister for a weekend, amusement parks etc and she goes to her parents with them often as they have a pool. The kids arent sitting around doing nothing. Theyre having a great summer.

My gf and I were invited to a friends cottage for a week. My gf is 6 months pregnant and this will probably be our last summer vacation ever without kids. Im not bringing my 3 and asked if their mom would take them. I wont see them for a period of two weeks, when theyre at the cottage and then when i am.

My ex thinks Im being selfish and should involve the kids in my summer vacation. AITA got not bringing them?

Edit: Im not going away for two weeks. Only one.

Edit: omg wow. A poo knife! Thank you so much kind stranger hahaha. MAGA!

I dont jog often, I dont even like running, but last night while walking my dog, I needed to get home before being eaten alive by mosquitoes. I ran up one side of a cul de sac, and by the time I reached the end, a woman was standing in her yard, watching me. I didnt think much of it. Its summer and kids are out playing, so parents are usually near by. Then she waved. I waved back and when she motioned me into her yard, I assumed it was so she could ask to pet my dog or something like that. No, instead she told me that I should be more conscious when running because Im big chested. I honestly didnt know what to say. She said that I was distracting her son, that running might feel good but men would notice and thats not the kind of attention you want.

I walked the rest of the way home after saying nothing to set her straight and feeling stupid. Ive been a size D since I was fifteen, and wore baggy clothing for years after I heard a boy say did you see her tits bounce? Its the first thing that people notice about me and it never fails to upset me that Im at fault for other people ogling me. I still dont know what to say to her but lm twenty years old, shes not my mom, and she cant tell me to stop running, so I wont.

I have always thought that if you had acne it automatically makes you unattractive. However, in my experience, for certain people it honestly kinda of fits well. Have you ever met a person who you couldnt imagine without glasses? Im convinced for certain people its the same with acne. To clarify, I am not talking about severe cystic acne. Painful cystic acne is a unfortunate ordeal and the person who has it should seek treatment for it. But people who have some minor scarring/breakouts it can really add to the character of their faces. This kind of laid back, natural, hippie kinda look. I cant really put my finger on it. It would be almost boring if you saw them with immaculate skin. And even though its already a golden rule, if they have confidence with their skin its even a bigger bonus.

Well this has never happened before. Thank you for helping me get my first platinum! Its been kind of hilarious to read these comments going from: youre an absolutely disgusting vile human being to I 100% AGREE WITH YOU. Im also surprised at how unpopular this opinion really is! But I guess I put it in the right place lol. Im not sure people should be thanking me either. I can be quite shallow as well. This is just one those subjective quirks I really enjoy and thought needed to be pointed out. But really if you read the comments some of the things YOU guys are into is pretty unconventional. Beyond all these superficial traits though, I think the biggest thing to remember is that sometimes love just happens to you. You dont get to choose it. So stop worrying about who youre gonna pick. And as a the great redditoru/Chief_Economistonce said: Sit down, be humble. Or was that Kendrick Lamar? Anyway.

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