Alison Dilaurentis 19, bisexual trying to make it through college at NYU. What happens when Alison meets 26year old The C.E.O of The Diamonds at a night club doesnt know who she is. Emily Fields gay intersexual , Billionaire at the age of 26 Emily has it all but something was missing. Read to find out!!!

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Emily Fields is a Junior at Rosewood High. School is her personal escape from the horror filled clutches of the Wright family-her foster family-and for the 6 hours she is at the Rosewood High School, she is free. Emily has a reputation around the school as the girl who makes the girls fall in love with her, but Emily never pursues. She is the lesbian player of Rosewood High and never turns down a party. Alison DiLaurentis is a Junior at Rosewood High. She rules the school as the Queen Bee and has the perfect life: her parents are the best Real Estate agents in the state, she has her 3 best friends to rule the school with, and the Quarterback as her boyfriend. What happens when these two from opposite sides of the tracks meet? Be sure to check out my other top Emison stories! -Relentless -Kick The Dust Up/In The Clear -Treacherous

Emily Fields, a twenty-four-year-old high school dropout, turned bank robber is put in a life-changing situation when sixteen-year-old Alison DiLaurentis suddenly enters her life. Im not the best at summaries. Cover made by @SLOTHTATO

Emily Fields meets seductive stripper, Alison DiLaurentis in a sleazy strip club. Damning secrets and a web of lies threatens to tear their lives apart. [G!P]

Sales clerk Lissie Cruzem wasnt expecting to catch the eye of Zach Monterro, the owner of the mall where she works. But their whirlwind romance and marriage leads to more than she bargained for. ***** The plain and modest Lissie Arabella Cruzem was a sales clerk at one of the most prestigious malls in the country. Lissie led a simple life until a chance encounter with Zachary Jaxx Monterro changed everything. Not only was he handsome and the most eligible bachelor in the city, but Zach also happened to be the owner of the mall she worked in. Fascinated by her quiet beauty, Zach knew that that his heart was hers. Despite his reputation, Lissie falls for Zach and gambles everything she has for a chance at love with him. But fairytales arent real, she soon finds. When a new woman enters their life, its Zach who will learn lessons the hard way…

➖Emison AU➖ (INTERSEX EMILY, DONT LIKE DONT READ) Alison DiLaurentis. The girl with dirty blonde curls that frame her angelic face and cerulean blue eyes, both fierce yet alluring. She can easily tick off every prerequisite for a typical high school It girl; at least, thats what many of her peers believe. Beneath that skimpy cheerleader fit and popular girl facade, was a seventeen year old trapped in the web of lies and secrets held between her group of what she thought, were her closest friends. If you love me, dont let go OR An angsty teen gay fanfic. Honestly, this should be a Netflix Original. I promise, its not a cliche high school love story.

This love is forbidden. But like an apple to Adam, it was irresistible. A little too irresistible.