Ah, the beautiful Latinas of Venezuela, a country fringed on the north by the Caribbean and bordering Colombia, Brazil and Guyana. Similar to the other ladies of Latin America,the women of this country are temperamental, fiery and filled the rhythm of passion and excitement. Most have dark hair and soulful eyes. But is this all there is? How about their characteristics? What makes them so special?

. Theirs is a natural beauty that doesnt need a lot of make-up. One of the most beautiful on the world.

. However, their Latin temperament allows them to say exactly what they think. So, if they have a problem with something, youll be sure to know.

. Although her man will be numero uno in her life, shell still be anchored to her roots.

. If shes employed, shell give it all shes got.

. Fiestas can be whistled up at the drop of a hat, and any excuse will do. Although she loves to

, her lover will be included in the festivities.

. Even in the current economic downfall, shell be certain to look her radiant best in an outfit that will complement her stunning body.

. They will go out of their way to please their partner.

Many people wonder what it is that makes these women so attractive. Is it magic? they ask. Is there some potent elixir of life? Nah, nothing like that. The answer is simple and revolves around one word: attitude.Looking at life positively,Venezuelan girls and women live happily and, unlike their American and European counterparts, tend not to let stress enter their lives.They follow a healthy diet which naturally benefits their bodies and their minds. This joyful Venezuelan attitude is passed from generation to generation and is an important feature in their way-of-life.

Before meeting your princess face-to-face, get to know her as well as time allows.

When searching for a serious relationship theres surely no need to rush into things.

Not deppends if she is from Caracas or not. No reason to hurry when you are searching for someone serious, better to sus each other out via emails or Facebook before the actual meeting.

Venezuelan women and girls like to have fun lots of it!

Entertainment is the key word here, so plan lots of different things to do. Parties are great, the more people the merrier. Also of course therere evenings at the cinema or the theatre, or perhaps a concert; different strokes for different folks! A romantic walk through a city park, a starlit stroll along a beach, window shopping or a tasty meal in a small bistro.

Remember to comment on their stunning beauty.

Yes, of course they already know about all this sort of stuff, but hey, there are not too many females who dont enjoy being praised for their looks.

Charm her and wine and dine her, and find out of this goddess is going to be the right person for you. If youre serious about forming a strong relationship, dont rush into things like a rampant bull. Take your time and follow natures natural course.

If you really want to impress your gorgeous Latina, try to learn a few phrases, and then try to learn a few more. Understanding your lovers language is a great way to show your interest in her.

Venezuelans dont like to be kept waiting. To be on the safe side, turn up for your meetings a few minutes early.

, and its a great idea to have a shower before going to meet your date.

When dating, avoid these mistakes if you want to win her heart:

Silly mistakes can lead to the woman of your dreams turning you down, especially at that all-important first meeting when youre out there testing the waters. ometimes its pretty easy to lost your love. Especialy in time when you meet her and all is new. So here are a few tips and good ideas about what NOT to do:

Dont turn up late, theres really no excuse.

However, if you do become delayed, take the time to tell her how sorry you are.

Dont talk endlessly about how great you are and what a disaster your previous relationship was. Boredom will lead to your date losing interest quickly.

As mentioned above, wear something smart but casual. After all, your date is going to look ravishing, so wear some clothes that will show your respect for her.

Do not try to have attact her bedroom on first date.

This is a definite no no even she is gorgeous.

Women and girls from Venezuela are smart and intelligent, have an in-built sense of fun and a great dollop of soul.People from other countries love the Latin spirit. But sometimes things dont go the way theyre supposed to, and that special spark doesnt flash between you. Dont worry, there are many other nationalities to choose from and you can find them all at International Love or at somemail order brides service. Have you considered a soul mate fromBrazil, Colombia, or one of the other Latin countries? Just take a look. Its easy! If you are not sure, you can take a look on something different like for example women fromRussia.