The women of Denmark are known for their beauty and kind gestures throughout the world. They are very sweet individuals and good bakers! Denmark is full of tourists and a down to earth helpful Dane to help anyone out.

Danish women are not over eager, they just enjoy being out and about and chatting it up. No matter the time of the year expect to see some very happy cheery people all around.

Now, Denmark, especially Copenhagen, is a very touristy destination spot. Because of the cross breeding, it is hard to specifically rule what a Danish woman will look like.

Below are some common appearances and characteristics though.

Danish women typically have fair skin and petite features. They are thinner and of average height. They do spend a good amount of time on their appearance and take great care of themselves. They are healthy and active and dress for success. They are trendy in fashion but have a more conservative approach. In other words, they do not usually look like street walkers.

Denmark is a top notch country and the women have a high sense of national pride.

They have a strong work ethic and a no nonsense personality. These women are held in high regard no matter the circumstance. Buy the way, Denmark is considered to have the happiest people on earth.

Danish women are very confident and usually pursue anything that will expand their horizons. They are very goal oriented. They enjoy activities that will enhance their knowledge such as traveling, visiting museums, and going to historical sites. They also love outdoor activities when the weather permits. All Danes socialize in large groups and form tight bonds with each other. They do go out clubbing and dancing, but they are not total party freaks that like to shake it until 4 in the morning, but she will most likely be able to drink a Westerner under the table.

Do not even assume that beautiful Danish women will have a traditional mind set when it comes to marriage and family. A lot of Danes will have children with life long mates without even marrying. This is very common Denmark.

Also, there is a 70% chance that she does not believe in a religion. Furthermore, she is unlikely to give up her career when she starts a family. She will definitely speak English and several other languages.

Beautiful Danish girls are attracted to several types of men and it would be hard to generalize. Black, white, or the combination of the two, but one thing is for sure, they like their men to be physically fit. It is rare to see a Danish woman with an out of shape slob. Here are some other things that may turn them on.

A man with respect and knowledge for fine arts, history, and wine. Danish women are sophisticated by nature and a man that has interests in these things would be desired.

Men that are cowardly or weak minded will not do. She wants someone that exudes a bit of dominant behavior without going overboard. This kind of confidence cannot be confused with a man having money and a sense of empowerment. If that is the case, she will resent sharing the same space as you.

Beautiful Danish women are not shallow what so ever. They are very kind and hospitable. A man that has a good grasp of manners will definitely be a possibility.

Men that are looking to settle down immediately need not apply. These women have many things to do before they even entertain the idea of starting a family. Everyone loves a Danish in the morning, especially men. These women have everything going for themselves.

If you happen to land a date with one of the beautiful Danish girls, you are very fortunate. Here are some tips when in her presence.

Become a part of her huge circle of friends. They pack up and are always willing to let a newbie in as long as he is of the same ilk. Get to know everybody in that circle.

If out, it is perfectly fine to openly flirt. If on a private date, take her to a new place. Whether it be a new disco or restaurant, she always wants to discover new places and experiences.

Mind your manners. Manners are important to Danish women. Also, it is OK to go Dutch and it is acceptable, however this style of date is not recommended no matter what. She will want to pay her way and will insist on it because she is independent, but its not worth risking.

Beautiful Danish women are perfect in every way. They are educated, intelligent, and independent. They are adorable happy butterflies looking for anything to explore.

Always remember that true beauty comes from within.

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