am going to talk about a patently lavish, intentionally outrageous, and easily offensive timepiece covered in diamonds that I am kind of into. This totally one-of-a-kind creation is new for 2015 and is theJacob & Co.Billionaire watch that founder Jacob Arabo produced in collaboration with Italian Flavio Briatoresfashion label. I first wrote about theJacob & Co. Billionare Watch with more background information here.

Let me be rather clear that I am not the type of person who Jacob & Co. thinks will be able to purchase this watch. For one thing, I dont have a spare 18,000,000 Swiss Francs laying around, and if I did, I would likely have other things to do with it. Lets put that number into perspective a bit. In most parts of the world, 18,000,000 Swiss Francs (which usually turns out to be a bit more in US dollars, given typical currency exchange rates) can buy you a really nice home (or mansion, villa, etc). You can also buy a really nice Yacht, and perhaps a cool plane or two. Let me put it a different way that might make more sense to people who arent in the yacht-buying mood that often.

If you invest 18,000,000 Swiss Francs rather conservatively and make only say, 7% per year on it, that is 1,260,000 Swiss Francs per year. That is about $1.3 million dollars at the current exchange. Meaning that if you spend all of the interest income per year, the price of the Jacob & Co. Billionaire watch will let you live on $1.3 million dollars per year (give or take) for ostensibly the rest of your life. Sure, there are taxes involved in that, but that is a really nice way to live for the majority of people on this planet. Being set for life or this assortment of 260 carats of large, baguette-cut diamonds on what apparently is my too-small wrist to wear and enjoy; this ultimate reminder that you can buy and sell people without giving it much thought. Thats sort of the brand Jacob & Co. is, in case you havent been paying attention.

The Jacob & Co. Billionaire doesnt so much feel like a watch as it does a crown only one that you wear on your wrist rather than on your head. It might not be something everyone considers pretty or even tasteful, but it sends the right message and is probably not the most comfortable thing to wear. Comfort is really beside the point, no king ever praised the comfort of wearing a heavy piece of gilded metal on their head. If you are the privileged person who wears the Jacob & Co. Billionaire, then I believe you have an obligation to do so in order to warn the people around you about who you are, and that obligation extends to its large-size and girth. Though, for people with more Schwarzeneggerian-sized wrists (I know because Ive seen his wrists first-hand) the Jacob & Co. Billionaire may likely fit quite nicely. Well, maybe it isnt that large, but in many ways, this is a timepiece that feels larger than life.

While it is difficult to measure the watch size because the case melds seamlessly with the bracelet, according to the brand, the Jacob & Co. Billionaire watch is 47.5mm wide and a hefty 58mm tall (long). The 18k white gold case is somewhere down there under the diamonds, and the bracelet gracefully slopes down from the case rather than dropped down immediately in a way that might make it fit better. Its more like a massive diamond-covered bangle bracelet. You, theoretically, could remove bracelet links as one would on most other watches with bracelets but in this case, do you really want to reduce that 260 carat count? I think you owe it to the careful creators and gemologists who toiled on this timepiece to maintain its full dimensions whilst wearing it. So I am not going to suggest removing any links for sizing purposes.

In person, the Jacob & Co. Billionaire watch is surprisingly approachable. While you may have a different opinion on its design, this is not an ugly item. In fact, in its own particular way, I find the Jacob & Co. Billionaire watch to be rather beautiful. The quality is excellent, and the stones are all impossibly clear and of a good color. Baguette-cut diamonds dont refract light like brilliant-cut ones, so looking at the Billionaire watch isnt a blinding ordeal of sparkles. Instead, the size and shape of the diamonds really allows you to appreciate the beauty of each. Its like wearing dozens of engagement ring stones for the worlds most beautiful women all at the same time on your wrist. Part of the appeal of a timepiece like this is the accumulated meaning people ascertain from what it all means, and what else you could do with the sum of its parts.

At the end of the day, the Jacob & Co. Billionaire watch is still a luxury timepiece and Jacob & Co. has not forgotten that. The movement inside of the Jacob & Co. Billionaire is the exclusive to Jacob & Co. caliber JCAM09 manually-wound tourbillon-based and skeletonized mechanical movement. The movement operates at 3Hz and has a power reserve of 72 hours. The dial does in fact have hour markers (which are likely the smallest diamonds on the entire watch) and very easy to see blued-steel hands. The architecture of the movement is quite attractive, and lends itself well to the entire composition that is the Jacob & Co. Billionaire.

By the way, I love the fact that literally the entire watch crown is a diamond. In fact, so little of what you can see is the actual white gold case, that most of what you experience with the Jacob & Co. Billionaire watch outside of the dial is just diamonds.

I can understand how some people would be intimidated by a watch like the Jacob & Co. Billionaire. It does take a degree of bravery (not just financially) to consider even putting it on the wrist. Not everyone is comfortable with the type of attention and persona that it will convey. That is a major responsibility, and items such as this which exude decadence and luxury are the closest things to magical items that exist in the real world. There is a very real magical effect that the power of the Jacob & Co. Billionaire watch will have on all the people around you whether or not that is light magic or dark magic.

Imagine a day walking around wearing it. Would you be alone? Could you be alone? Would people stare? Would they comment? Will they follow you? Want you? This sounds silly, but these are real question and considerations around not only a watch that does have a retail price of over $18,000,000, but a watch that actually looks like it has a price of over $18,000,000. There is the larger world of stealth-wealth Patek Philippe and A. Lange & Sohne watches which can easily cost over a million dollars and dont really look like it to most mortals, and then there are watches like the Jacob & Co. Billionaire which evoke a very real and very pure sense of wealth living the type that people love to hate, the type that people love to covet, and the type that the mainstream is infinitely fascinated with.

Outside of industrial purposes, diamonds are pretty useless stones on their own. It is their visual beauty and story about Earth-grown rarity that draws us to them. As I stated above, there is a bit of psychological magic in the human relationship with diamonds that most people are familiar with. So just multiply that by several hundred times to realized the true magical power of the Jacob & Co. Billionaire. I only hope that whoever owns it ends up being on the side of light versus dark.

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The smiley face in the word Billionaire on the case back cracks me up.

I wonder if you can go shopping for a Ferrari and just pay by removing a bracelet link?

Maybe they will produce a Thousandaire version without the diamonds? The movement looks fine and the hands provide great legibility so who knows, maybe like the Apple Edition gold watch, this may just be a halo product to get mere mortals to buy more affordable Jacob & Co watches. Nawprobably not.

OK, will wait for some cheap Chinese knockoff that uses Swarovski crystals, then head on over to a Victorias Secret lingerie showthere is hope yet for me and Candice!

The definitive MOBSTERS wrist ware possibly for an 8.75 inch wrist i.e a well fed mobster.

Hell, I bet even the Chinese knock-off of this thing is expensive.

Jacob just created this so he can be in Vol 2 of Ariels book

Nuts. This is a solid answer to the question when is it too much? There is something very cool about seeing so many large diamonds surrounding such and exciting looking movement, but things like the price rage, the smiley face, and the owner, are reminders of the very thick layer of absurdity that lies beneath a very thin layer of elegance and haute horology.

Now this doesnt even get a second look from me, because they didnt bother to case it in platinum ūüėČ ¬†I was also wondering how this might work with something other than baguette-cut diamonds. ¬†Maybe princess-cut, perhaps? ¬†(Im still joking.) ¬†Seriously, this thing is not to my liking, and using cubic zirconiums (which are just as forever, right?) to reduce the price by, say, three zeros, would certainly not improve upon the look. ¬†Its basically cheesy either way. ¬†Such a shame, though, as the actual watch here does look reasonably attractive. ¬†I like a good mechanical movement and the skeletonizing here is very good.

People who have the means and arent looking to flaunt it will for the most part continue to prefer stealth wealth timepieces.  And the Justin Biebers of the world, on the other hand, might just go for it.  Oh, but there is only one better move quickly, before another guy who really really needs to overcompensate for something else tries to grab it.

Proof, if needed, that money doesnt buy you class.

Hahahahahahahahahaha!!!!  Its for a billionaire oil sheikh rock star!

Flabio needs to stick to what he knows, impregnating supermodels and fixing F1 races.

Just pop it in the mail when it needs its 5-year service.

What the what is dat? Like the center portion the rest can go.

I have nothing new to say over my original comments on the watch, it actually displays in real life much as it did in the touched photos. It is a giant though! Even without the diamonds it would look a bit silly on the wrist.

$18m would buy a nice collection. Say you had eclectic tastes ranging from $8,500 Submariners to $85,000 Platinum Datographs, but settled on an average price of $30,000 per watch. You could buy 600 watches. Wearing each a week at a time, it would take over a decade to wear them all!

This is basically a large bracelet with an unseemly amount of diamonds on it.  Ariel, I think you dedicated only a few short lines about the actual movement.  Doesnt really capture my attention.  Someone will like it though. To each his own.

Although the movement itself looks nice, that thing is stupid ridiculous.

How sad that those who have this much money to burn will not look for good causes first.

Right now Richard Mille is kicking himself for not doing it first.

For sure over-the-top! But wonderful in its self-proclaimed decadence. I too think it is beautiful. But you would need a large entourage and several body-guards to even consider wearing it.

I cant wait for the fake Chinese version.

If a crazed dog were to ever lose its mind and eat a chandelier and a Cartier? this is what youd find on the lawn?.

It may soon obtain the title of the worlds tackiest watch, and this proves having money does not guarantee good taste. This thing makes those Arnold Schwarzenegger watches look wearable ha ha ha

Just because you can doesnt mean you should.

Why a company (any company) would publicly let the world know they are behind such a watch is perplexing.

It looks worse than that new Hublot-Tag release.

Would I look strange rolling into Arbys with one of these on? And spilling some Horsey Sauce onto all those diamonds?

Funny thing is that if you take the watch/movement part out and replace it with diamonds it would probably be worth more!

Doesnt that work with almost every other physical opbject in the world? My breakfast bowl would be worth more if replaced with diamonds.

-Beautiful? Ghastly? Its almost supernatural how it flits from one to another in my mind.

-If my past behavior is any indication Id probably end up losing the wrist links in my desk drawer.

-MacGyver could use the bracelet to grind down some steel in a pinch.

-As Ariel mentioned this will attract a ton of attention; not all of it good. Expect random strangers to hit you up for free meals, gasoline, and other sundries simply because you can obviously afford it.

-Expect a game of oneupsmanship with an otherwise identical watch with two more rows of diamonds being made in the near future.

This is an April fools joke published a bit late, right? Right? Pleaseplease.please.

Its weird , but the more something costs, the cheaper it looks

thornwood36 That is such an excellent observation, and true about so many things.

Secretly.I love it , the work is magnificent

As a guy, I cant imagine shaving my arm hair

i sent in a request and apparently, theres already a waitlist..  damn!

but really, even if i were to assume there are 130 2C diamonds and if i were to get each of those diamonds for, lets say $50K, i am clearly being extremely generous here, it still doesnt seem to be worth any more than 6m

beats me.. and whoever owns this is the ultimate dont give a ****

There so many better ways to spend $18 million dollars.

True but your breakfast bowl isnt already 80% diamonds to begin with!

Try it. Todays women dig it. I trim my whole body.

Oh Ariel, your arm looks so pretty with that watch on!

MarkCarson Jacob & Co. Where happiness is being able to buy a diamond watch thats more diamond than watch.

I thought it was going to be over-the-top. Oh well.

iamcalledryan Im not sure a diamond encrusted condom would work as well.

Fraser Petrick Imagine if this ugly watch was produced by Rolex or Apple (200 comments?)

Could someone please upload these images to Wikipedia to illustrate their article on obscenity .

Unfortunately, whenever I see the Jacob name I automatically think of drug money laundering. It made me wonder, has anyone ever done an investigative article into that incident and whether it was isolated or if there is widespread collusion between the jewelry/watch industry and criminals?

As for the watch, I dunno what man would wear a thing like that. Its clearly an oversized womans watch. Well, men now wear bracelets with their watches, so I guess anythings possibleif you have $18 Million sitting around.

Apple should sell a diamond studded watch. If youre going to fail at the watch business, go all in. lol

Shawnnny $18M and you still see the shaved hairs on the back of Ariels wrist

I dont see shaved hairs. Shaved hairs usually end up in the trash or down the drain. With hair as dark as his, my guess is that if he didnt trim his arms, his arm would look more like a bears arm.

Frauss  MarkCarson I agree it reeks, ha ha.

Frauss  Shawnnny Trimmed,  not shaved. And yes that is a benefit (if you are Ariel, ha ha).

Shawnnny All men have the right to bear-arms.  Its in the Constitution.

Ulysses31 Shawnnny Since you are a Brit, we will forgive you U31 but its in the Bill of Rights (one of the first 10 amendments to the Constitution). But your pun still works. Cheers

MarkCarson Ulysses31 Shawnnny Sorry, right you are.  Its still to early for my brain to be turned on.

MarkCarson Fraser Petrick Was there an article about the Leopard Daytona?

Not in this lifetime. If I say more Ill get myself in trouble for being politically incorrect.

A watch only Donald Trump could love. Isnt it a bit late for April Fools Day?

I know where your going with that. And, no Im not. Not even close. Im an all American boy. But, it is 2015!

Malefactors of great wealth will just love it!

In fact, in its own particular way, I find the Jacob & Co. Billionaire watch to be rather beautiful.

Ariel, you disappoint me with your taste this time

BJS314  When traveling in the third world , I judge the size of the bribe I need to offer by the model of the Rolex being worn by the official in question .

Anything called billionaire reminds me of Trump and oilmen in sheets: as vulgar as money can buy.

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De Spiegel. states Pictet Bank uses a letterbox

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the fines that crooked Swiss banks have incurred in the last few

is also calculated that the secrecy agreements with

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Ive been looking for a modest beater like this. Disappointed that the depth rating isnt recorded as I really dont like taking my watch off when I go snorkelling.

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