When Allisons step mother and sister betrayed her for her wealth. Along with her loving husband, her world came crashing down. They throw her on street to die. She was broken beyond repairs and hurt by the betrayal of her only family. She does not…


We are in the car i am sitting next to Mr blake we are on the way for airport. I am excited and nervous at the same time I havent travelled in ages. the last time I traveled was with my father in our private jet.

We reached the airport and I think its private airport because there is no crowd. we exited the car Mr blake walk towards the jet and talk with the pillot I follow behind him.

We entered the jet its very beautiful fully furnished. we took our seat and tie the seat belt I can feel Mr blake watching me.

Whatever…after few minutes jet is in the air. Now I am relax. i look at Mr blake he is working on his laptop.

Airhostess came and ask if we want something I decline I am not in mood for eating I just want to sleep I woke up at 5am in the morning and slept late last night because of the packing I packed all my new clothes I had purchased.

Anna told me to ask Mr blake permission to explore Italy in my free time and hopefully think he will allow me explore the Italy.

I saw on my right my munchkin is sleeping peacefully with the last look on his face I dozeoff

I woke up when airhostess shake me asking what I want to eat I ordered sandwich. i feed Austin and ate my sandwich while Mr blake ate his food.