I am! I like to create things with my own two hands. I want to be the kind of boss who knows what theyre talking about, now the kind who sits in on meetings all day and is disconnected. I also have no money for outsourcing.

How long did it take you to come Up with? And can I buy one?

Do you think its invention thats in demand right now? How much will you sell it for to them average consumer?

What kind of buisness you think Im talking about? 😏OH!but you can still contribute by sharing an opinion!😁 Since you been such a good sport.Are you building it yourself or having someone else do it? It sounds very innovative And high tech but I could be wrongIt doesnt revolve around it but it would sell very well during this time. I dont know yet. Depends on the final cost of materials.The second one is world changing if I can get it operationalThe only opinion from girls was selected the Most Helpful Opinion,😬😬😬sadly You ran out of chances. Thanks for playing!🥴Well theres a buisness right up youre ally that just might suit you. 🤔To sell my inventions. I plan on using the profit from the first,to create the second one. Hopefully I can make a solid 10 mill off the first one. I wouldnt settle for anything less than 5 mill and thats under the premise that theyd give me royalties. The second one though… The second I plan on starting an entire company around. I hope that prior to the second ones launch that I can create a retro gaming arcade in my home town but who knows if thatll happen.Im not talking about right now. I just graduated myself and I can assure you that I am thoroughly broke. But I do have a plan for my future and that involves me making a lot of money.@Ally247wrong answer squirt. Ill give you another try,NOW you want to know!And dont apologize for your circumstances if theres nothing you can do about itIm sorry but I am still in college and I have applied for like 80 jobs and the economy is rough in my country right now But I do have plenty in saving?

The idea came along when I saw that you could tattoo a loved ones last recording on your skin and listen to them. The product that came from that, I cant tell you though. And sadly, no. You cant buy it. I still have to finish building it

I like men who have a purpose for living. I plan on being plenty wealthy on my own but what I want is for my man to have ambition. I dont want to be the sole purpose for him living but I also dont want to be inconsequential. Ideally, I want a man whos a stay at home father who invests on the side or is in charge of a company that runs itself. That, or be a teacher. That way, they have plenty of time to be home with the kids cause I plan on working a lot. I dont care for him being rich but I do want him to have been financially stable prior to us meeting. I also dont want him to be intimidated by a woman making wildly more than he does. I feel like if hes making his own money, he wont be as afraid of that. But Ive also met men whove said that its impossible for any woman to make more than he does and if she does, hed make more to surlass her. Like an unhealthy competition. I dont like that.

I wouldnt call it very high tech but it is innovative