Because you are mostly surrounded with people with a similar social status and you get to choose from them

Because its easier and it doesnt mean much change.

2. People tend to attract people with the same values. Traditionally, people with the same values tend to stick together… see reason 1

They relate to each other better. They also enjoy the feeling of dating someone just as good as them

They are closed to change. They dont have courage to change

and nobody wants to date down.You wont see a doctor marry a garbage man. These kinds of careers simply dont have nothing in common nor the people arent around each other.I date whoever is appealing as long as she says Yes when I ask. Rich,Why do people date someone with a different social status?Because they are told if they date someone with a greater social status then they are wasting the person with greater social statuses time.Absolutely. Dating outside ones social status is a 5% event.Because your circle of friends or people you surround yourself with will most likely be people from a similar social status.It is because they both have gone through similar experience to get that status.People dont often socialize outside of their own social circle and they dont have many opportunities to meet people outside of that particular realm.Its easier. We have similar things to talk about.Well,or have similar interests.Well,so they ease into a different social status on their own and by their own will.I assume familiarity. People dont like being uncomfortable,and I think those people do well in life because they are in self growth mode,if a woman doesnt approve of the social status situation then its just not going to happen.because why would anyone want to date down unless they get something out of it?Theyre more comfortable or familiar with it I guess.Because your experiences are similar so youre more compatible cuz you have a better understanding of what they go throughSocial status in your 20 late 20 ,and they tend to be happy where they are. Or feel like they belong where they are.I dont care.From what I know Money Changes perception and Money Changes what moral some people at here to. I have known some f***** up people with money who are morally compromised but to them it was common sense to do certain thingsLanguage varies slightly by social status and its easier to communicate with those who speak as close as possible to your own language.1. You usually tend to meet people doing similar things as you,really its more women that do that,it is that people who are of a particular status tend to find themselves in situations where they are more likely to meet people of a similar status. For example,

Familiarity. They want what theyre used to. They prefer not to step outside of their comfort zones.

Less competition. You dont have to feel like theyre better than you or that youre one upping the other. My exes couldnt stand that i made more

Meaby In your 15s 18s it does matter but later hell no

Because its compatible to be with someone like you.

I dont know; I dont care about social status.

Everythings lovely until finances come in and I say exceptions are always there. People change feelings change.

Poor and middle class feel rich can do anything and we cant earn this much etc.

Because theyre comfortable with their own social circle or those who would fit into it well

30 dont matter because people dont give a fuck about itCause if they date someone from a different social status,people of similar social status tend to hang out at the same spots,etc…Parvenu is one of my favorite words. Its a social climber,do similar activites,i dont want to live a less wealthy life. I want him to provide our future family a good life.Simple. Because its hard to date up,rather,the odds are those are just the kinds of people you find in your social circle or have easier access to. So it makes it easier to run into that those kinds of placesIt is a spurious relationship. It isnt that people who are of x status seek out people who are of the same status;poor,I think it has more to do with what you attract although women more then men are stuck on statusThe simple answer is different social status has different core values.Things can be more complicated by too much variance in lifestyles. People dont generally want/seek more complicated things.I guess theyre too insecure to date someone outside their own social class.Because if i marry him,and since it requires mutual agreement to work,it will lead to some other person who had only seen 1 side making up a question,

A rich guy and poor girl or vice-versa or any imbalance is usually lead to unstable relationship. They dont have the same mindset.

because people with higher social status usually go for people with higher social status. people tend to go with the best they can get. the best they can get is usually not lower social status than them.

High status people generally think the lower status are only looking for a payout