ooz passion about what you do and your cause. Rich men are always passionate about what they do and they want someone that is the same.4.Has Self-Confidence You will certainly turn him own with your confidence. Men cannot resist a woman that know what they wants,3. Has No Drama If youre use to whining your way to a mans heart thats not going to work anymore. This type of guy is busy and dont have time for drama. Stay away from making his life a nightmare.2. Busy You will need a life of your own and be highly goal oriented. Men are attracted to independent that have their own.5. Passionate About Their Life Be optimistic about your own life and what you have to contribute. Be active in your community,who they are and where they are going.

Men have preference too when it comes to relationships. Tall, short, thin or average doesnt count to the majority of rich men as much as the 5 types they prefer. Each man is different. Beauty is all that really matters. If you desire to have a man with plenty of cash to spend then use the list below as a guide.

1. Intelligent Woman They want someone they can talk to and know what they know. Politics, sports, art and noteworthy people (other rich entrepreneurs) you should know at least the basics. When you open your mouth it should be all but class.

Your looks are just as important. ReadHow to Dress to Attract a Rich Man. Once you are prepared get out there and find him. Start being available and hang out where rich men are Gulf Resort, High Class Pubs, Expensive Shops, Luxury Spa and Charity Events. There are also plenty of online dating hosting only rich men that are looking for a hotty just like you.