We both are looking like teenagers who are running to date without caught by their parents even though our every move was know by our parents.Emily said still chuckling that they are behaving like teenagers.

Fell in love with Eric Williamson who is apparently a grandson of Jacob. Pampering father and lovely boyfriend with huge paid job. Life is great right… But what if a…Well,Im just teasing you and now see the magic. he clapped his handsWhen they reached he quickly get his hands off his eyes. When she opened it was just dark and nothing.assistantbillionairebusinessbusinesswomanceocutelovedaughterentrepreneurfamilyfashiondesignerfather-daughterfeelingshappyhaymurheiressloveatfirstsightmysteryrelationshipwattys2019Eric you know I hate surprises. So,Remove your hands. she said trying to make him understand but he just take her to someplace where he planned a surprise for her!

Emily changed into a jumper with full sleeves. As her health condition was necessary not to good.

When they reached somewhere in dark, Eric put her down then blindfold her with his hands.

Is it your surprise?? Kept it with you take me to castle. she said annoyed.

All lights turned on to the fairy lights are hanging around the lake and a table was fixed there was cake on the table and beautiful decorated. They were floating lights flying into sky.She went out to see her boyfriend who was now in casuals was waiting for her. When he noticed her his face engraved with big smile. He reached to her hand pulled her out of castle while literally running. Emily started to chuckling for which Eric turned his face in confusion.Emily was just graduated got job as PA of Jacob king the CEO of king industries,we should comeback before it gets cold outside. Now,run. Emily stopped him.oh,baby!!love can make us do anything. Now,

I just happened to lift you up.. Thats it. Now come.. he walked fastly.

What run?? I have been wearing those heels all night. I can- before she can say anything she was lifted in his arms.