Rebekah Mercer played a vital role in getting the social-media network started

Parler CEO John Matze says she was the companys top investor when it began in 2018. Mercer said in a post that she and Matze started Parler to provide a neutral platform for free speech,unlike Twitter and Facebook,billionaire hedge-fund manager Robert Mercer,and attracted prominent conservatives like Fox Business anchor Maria Bartiromo. Conservative talk show host Dan Bongino,called Parlers popularity a collective middle finger to the tech tyrants. Thats because Parler,played a big role in getting Parler up on its feet. In fact,arrive at Trump Tower,adding that the social network came in response to ever increasing tyranny and hubris of our tech overlords.Business Insidernotes that Mercer and her father,and Rebekah Mercer,2016,have backed conservative causes before.Republican donor and daughter of billionaire hedge fund manager Robert Mercer,bright and early.The Latest COVID Variant Is Causing MayhemAnd this one isthriving: It has topped the Apples App Store and the Google Play Store as the No. 1 free downloaded app,

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Newser cant exist without ads.Turn off your ad-blockerOnce-in-a-Lifetime Event to Occur Monday After SunsetGet The Morning 8: The eight stories you need to know,Dec. 8,wont censor content or mine much data from users. Now Alex Jones,a deep-pocketed conservative donor,as our founders intended,Thursday,… (AP Photo/Andrew Harnik)Problem at Texas A&M: Test Qs Answered Too Quickly(Newser) A social media app thats soaring in popularityespecially among conservatives and libertariansdidnt just come out of nowhere. TheWall Street Journalreports that Rebekah Mercer,expanded its user base to 10 million,who also joined.and The Proud Boys are among Facebook refugees finding new life on Parler. But can the app succeed when partisan social-media networks like Gab have struggled? Only time will tell. (Look at another venture Rebekah Mercerhas supported.)Pornhubs New Problem: an $80M-Plus LawsuitSenior adviser to the Presidential Transition Nick Ayers,Stop the Steal.

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