just how theirs people that dont date black people,but anything extreme like saying I dont date _______ people is a red flag. However,its a pretty clear sign that theyre racist or have prejudices. Having a type or a tendency to date certain people is one thing,we are all basically rowing the same boat just with different paddlesIf they are worth it,I think when people say they categorically will never date anyone of a particular ethnicity or background,race etc. I think attractive is attractivelol,theres people that dont date latinos,i was pretty straight forward,even being under 18 you should know that our friends and family have certain standards regarding whom we datewell maybe cause he has a racist mindset which are people that you should avoid anyways but majority of people arent racist and well it shouldnt be a problem,they still have the right to make that decision because its their body and their life to live.No not at all. It doesnt matter where someone is from. It doesnt matter about background,if a guy truly wants a relationship,now theres always people that have types and stuff but thats normally with everything,who cares. We can not live for someone else.I agree. If the man wants a relationship,I think even if someone does have those restrictions because of racist or prejudiced reasons,it should be easy for him to have this if he truly desires this?yeah lightskin. All the guys who have liked me Ive always been their type and there mineGuys does dating a girl from nigera who is very very beautiful and has a great personality bother you?Its okay to date outside of what is normal. I am an African American female. My fianc is of a different race.. and we are from different backgrounds. There is beauty in every shade,without having met everyone of that background,

some people get insulted, dont mean it in as an insult just to clarify 🙃🤗

its not possible to see everyone in the world, obviously their statement comes from what they have seen, they might just not like one specific physical thing that one race has for example the hair, not only that some people just prefer staying within their race too so they say that they dont date other races

Not sure why it would bother anyone. Its not up to anyone. If 2 people are into each other… lets not worry about possible societal norms. I would say if someone has to ask this question, maybe it bothers them. Personally, maybe it is something to not get into if your questioning it.

Well look at one of the other guys answers. Some men are prejudiced against certain groups of women.

and skin tone.so you are dark skinned,he should find one easy as long as he can approach a women.Girls,if you didnt understand there is not much that i can do,nothing wrong with some dark chocolate 😂 (no offense intended?

She will probably be a scammer or the daughter of a rich general.

because my whole life my mum has made it sound like a bad thing from being from that country. So I dont tell no one which is such a bad thing

If she is very beautiful with a great personality, I would love dating her!

Guys does dating a girl from nigera who is very very beautiful and has a great personality bother you?

I disagree, there are factors which will contribute to him not able to have a relationship even if his intention are sincere.

Plus, I mean, you could probably count on one hand the number of beautiful Nigerians. None are living in Nigeria.