they get observed more. Walk down a busy street with an hb9 then with an hb6. You can see every guy checking out that hb9 and far fewer the hb6.Took my comment right out of my fingers. This is the correct answer,club,were only victims if we want to be.As someone who exclusively cold approaches the hottest girls I can find,generally.just be slim. Its such a low physical barrier compared to men and yet most women completely miss the mark. The women who arent at that standard know it and they know men will be looking for someone that is. So lazy average girls tend to either sleep arounda lot.

Pretty chicks dont need validation thru playing hard to get and power plays. They know they are attractive.

The biggest part of the problem are the thirsty chumps pumping their egos thru social media validation and orbiting thinking they are easier than the attractive chicks. Average broads know that deep inside, hence they use those tactics to appear high value.

Yes,its not true,getting their validation from easy lays and avoiding the bad feelings that come with getting attached to a guy who doesnt want to commit to them. Or they get bitter and get their kicks from pre-emptively rejecting guys who they know objectively are better than them.The average looking ones always want to seem to date exclusively date a week after youve known them or fucked. I.e the beta of females.You guys really dont think 8+ chicks are getting approached as much??But what if the average woman is always asking herself is he in to me and needs to shit test and comfort test to assuage her fragile ego?Had a friend in college who had a bad ass HB9 cousin. the same age. She lived in another state but met her once on a visit. My friend told me she confessed that she spent a lot of Sat nights alone because she didnt get asked out as much as her less attractive friends. Just one example but definitely an inside lookSome would say normal development of the self,exactly this. All these people agreeing that average women are harder to date and get approached less than HB8+ is probably the most ridiculous thing Ive seen on this sub.It really doesnt take much to make a girl hot enough to be at a standard that most men would happily date her. Grow your hair out,appear to have clear skin and most importantly,its all the same. Go out and observe.This. Not only do they get approached more,its actually the opposite. Average girls that I plate are almost always looking to meet with me on weekends whereas the hot ones are damn near impossible to schedule a meet up that they dont flake on. The notion that hot girls dont get approached as much as average girls is just plain BS. It happens ALL the time. Bar,I dont care what anybody says about hotter women being approached a lot more,or gym;

For hot girls who are more secure in their value, they are happy to be approached and they know how to deal with it. Even if theyre not interested they can respect guys who make the effort and more politely let people down.

Tell her to hop on tinder and see how many chads line up

The hot woman knows shes hot. She doesnt need to test you for your interest, she knows she has your interest.

Over the past few years Ive been noticing that average women are way harder to date than beautiful women. All of the beautiful women Ive dated have very rarely played hard to get,have made me do minimal chasing,communicate better,and have no problem buying me things or paying for dates.

Thats because average woman are approached more often than beautiful women. Therefore the average woman has had a more constant supply of validation and beta orbiters around her which boosts her ego into her mind thinking she is a 10 when in fact she is a 5. The beautiful woman however is approached by far less guys because there are too many pussies who think a woman is out of their league and fear rejection, therefore its a time waste to approach such a good looking girl. Because of this reason, the beautiful women doesnt suffer from an over inflated ego unlike the average broad. This is the reason I believe the Red Pill advocates cold approaching 8s 9s and 10s whenever possible.

Reminds me of the song: if you want to be happy for the rest of your life never make a pretty women your wife, so from my point of view, get an ugly women to marry you

I usually agree with you on things but I just cant here. Maybe a hot girl to you is different to me, but it seems to me that average chicks get approached more. If you are correct and 9s do get approached much more than 5s, well then that means more men have bigger balls than I thought. I just think men have an easier time approaching average chicks over hotter ones. Too many men are afraid of getting rejected by a hot girl for them to be getting approached 24/7.

Average woman are approached more, therefore lots have developed an ego

Average women on the other hand more often play mind games,text back slower,flake more often,or just straight up blow me off more often than beautiful women.

One of my previous HB8+ plates would make it a point to tell me about all the guys that hit on her (dread game). On her way up to my apartment she told me how a group of guys invited her up to a party while she was in the elevator….I told her she should have went.

On the other hand, the average hoe are more insecure and in need of constant validation. Also, they are the ones who are pumped and dumped the most.

This is the correct answer and further explanation is not necessary.

The main difference between men and women, is that women know their value. They are reminded of it daily when men check them out in the street, through their matches on tinder. And mainly through a society that encourages women to develop unhealthy neuroticism regarding how they think people should treat them. For men you actually have to put yourself out there and risk rejection to get any real semblance of what your value is.