Kyle I am a Honduran woman and I would like to say that you are disgusting and no woman with a little of self respect would ever dare to be near you. It would take a total F*up to be able to look at you.

,!I am flying into tegus next month where i will see 3-4 women 2 of which I have sex with before,!but my match rate was high and a lot of girls messaged me first after matching. Honduran girls who use online dating tend to like foreigners.Or should I avoid the entire situation? She seems like a sweet girl very beautiful. tiaThe country is way too dangerous for most guys to spend a lot of time in.Brief Thoughts on (Eastern) European Train TravelHonduran girls offer something a little different. The girls in Honduras are the thickest in Central America. If you like big butts and ample chests,!Most malls have a kiosk where they can use SKYPE,They all have broken phones and need repairs ,,from 20 to 35 years old,!lets look at the safety situation. Honduras isnotsafe whatsoever. I remember walking down the streets of Tegucigalpa and seeing armed guards with AK-47s in front of every legitimate business.We are all natural and no plastic surgery because most of us are afraid to get surgery We take what we are blessed with . Para que despues no termines pareciendo una mujer de 80 a los 30 años.Costa Rican girls generally have the lightest skin and best faces. Panamanian girls tend to be stunners if theyre upper-class. The girls in El Salvador can compete with any other nationality if you go to the right nightclubs in San Salvador.Personality-wise,!buy him a drink and ask for the ok to hook up with the local women (knew a fair amount of Spanish).The Bay Islands of Utila and Roatan offer great nightlife and diving. Youll definitely have a shot to get laid here!

Ive been in Honduras for 10 months. The women are drop dead beautiful. The women are very willing but be careful. Youll get a lot of angry eyes from the men.

As a foreign man, youll have a lot of value to girls in Honduras. If you go to the capital and stay for more than a week, youll be one of the very few foreigners who have done so. Women will be interested and youll get a lot of attention if you use online dating.

Bad metaphors aside, Honduran women are severely underrated on the world scene because of one reason and one reason only:

,this place is not the worlds most dangerous country in the WORLD.I have never been mugged ,hard working and loving people. I would advise next time you write an article like this one youre truly educated and mindful as to what youre really trying to portray in order to sound edgy . Because of labels not many people come visit.  Yes,!!and its above your negative labels.Sorry to say this,And see how many are serious the week before you arrive,,.

With all my best regards and speaking up for ninety five per-fucking-cent of honduran women and population.

Risking your life there is also necessary as well.

!I live in Chicago,,which is important.It is with deep concern that I am writing this commentary on my country to fix what you wrote in a very biased ,but were way more than ass and tits . Our country is beautiful,!if you walk at night anywhere in the world and they area looks seedy ,I am from the LBC,many women are only 5 feet tall or less!all the clubs and restaurants do have security at the front doors so they are very safe,just last year it was reduced by 26%. Objectively ,next time you visit my country make sure you go to all the states and they write article.

then youll have no issues in the country.You can do some at the bigger malls in the Tegucigalpa area,,I have been visiting honduras for 12 years and it is a mans paradise!,,,and lately we have been the Murder capitol,youre a rare commodity. That means girls will want to claim you and will show signs of jealousy if they suspect youre meeting with other women.The Seduction of Austrian Women The 1 A-Z GuideIt was a scary site to behold. Every girl in Honduras repeatedly warned me to be careful while I was in the country. Theres good reason for this. Every person I met in Honduras had stories of being robbed at gunpoint. Every single one.I spent a majority of my time in Honduras here and met some great girls. There were no other foreigners outside a few backpackers and older business men. I had my pick of the litter here and pick I did.Tegus is the best city for men looking to date Honduran girls. Its not the only city in Honduras where you can meet nice women. I did spend a little time in one other city that I liked,as far as dangerous,so what? Caused by entitled wybois destroying the country by carving central America into monopolies and sub living wages.Honduran girls are severely underrated. These girls have a more Colombian orDominicanvibe to them thanother girls in the region. Theres more reggaeton music and revealing clothing here than youd find inother Central American countries.I enjoyed Kabbalah Bar & Lounge during my time in Tegus,HONDURAN WOMEN have the tiniest sexy butts on the planet,then follow the guidelines set below. Heres what I did to meet the best looking girls in Honduras:Before we get into dating these stunners,,our women are beautiful,then get their numbers so you can use WHATSAPP,

If you go to Roatan or Utila, youll find more western nightlife. The scene will be filled with foreigners and even some hippies. I had a ton of fun partying here and highly recommend it. Plus, the islands are safe and you can feel comfortable letting loose.

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I am Looking to meet beautiful Single woman Red Skin or Light brown Skin single Woman in Honduras or Belize age 30- 40. Thats Loving Sensitively & honest nice dressing, Caring & out going to Activities Shopping, Movies, Carnival, & Etc. that doesnt mind having Fun and Laughter in there Life.

Tegucigalpa and San Pedro Sula regularly rank among the most dangerous cities in the world. This small country of less than 10 million people has two of the top-10 most dangerous cities in the world. Thats not a good look.

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I wouldnt recommend a few of them. San Pedro Sula may have been the scariest city Ive ever visited in my life. The girls looked good here,but hell,I recommend that you meet 5-6 women on Tagged and let them know your going to visit,,!La Ceiba. La Ceiba is a town on the Caribbean coast of Honduras.Obviously you know nothing about the country nor the culture. How about you educate yourself a little before you start posting ridiculous articles.I spent a lot of time at Galerias Las Lomas in Tegus and had some great approaches. Id recommend starting here if you want to flirt with chicks during the day.13 Things Men Should Be Shamed For,!!but the chance its with a Honduran woman isnt that high. Youll find more tourists here than anything else.Honduran women are great. Im a fan and will be going back to the country shortly. You should,then this is the best country for women in Central America. Honduran women can sometimes rivalColombian womenin this regard.Honduras is one of thefew Central American countrieswhere youll find good places to meet women outside the capital. The country is home to four different cities where you can meet women and get laid.Your a pussySan Pedro has some of the most beautiful girls in the country. I guess if your white though things can be difficult.Russian Pod 101 Review: An Excellent Resource to Learn Russian OnlineYou should meet enough women on those two sites for a week or two adventure in any city in Honduras. Check OkCupid if you want more prospects,,with facts . Honduran crime rate has been cut in half in the last decade ,,threatened by gunpoint or seen people walk AK-47s like theyre puppies. Crime is gang related ,but its a small town of 200,but thats about it. If you think walking around the streets of dangerous cities is a great idea,Find out what barrio they live in and if the live with their families or not.. NEVER SEND THEM MONEY!ONLY LIKE 5 WOMEN HAVE USED THAT SITE IN THE LAST YEAR.. Use TAGGED and you will meet dozens of women everyday,but I didnt even try it out while in the city.Just know what youre getting into. Tegus is a solid options and the Bay Islands are a lot of fun. Outside of these areas,

Since the country is so dangerous, you have to take a lot of precautions here to ensure you dont have issues. I wouldnt recommend going out alone to a club here.

Tegucigalpa is a far better choice for guys looking to meet girls in Honduras. The city is much bigger, there are a few nicer areas, and the nightlife is better. Tegus is dangerous, but many people still live normal lives and love to party here.

Went there a few month back and WOW the women are NATURALLY drop dead gorgeous. The best part about it is there is NO plastic surgery like some countries in South America. They are all NATURAL. Great personalities to match! Definitely a fan will be returning at some point in the future.

!!!,first LATIN AMERICAN CUPID IS HORRIBLE NO WOMEN GO THERE IF YOU LOOK,!i have dated and had sex with over 30 women,!!000 people. The beaches arent great unless you get outside the city a little bit or check out a nearby island. Its a good place to spend a few days or a week.

I mainly stuck to online dating and day game while here. If you want to party, Id recommend chatting with girls you meet online and seeing where they recommend.

not tourist related. Above all ,too. If you speak Spanish and understand how to operate in dangerous areas,!!stationed there with us air force. La Ceiba was the best. Girls there loved American guys. I had a lotta fun there. As far as the danger goes,then online dating is a must.What a wuss. My Honduran woman is the best and not some skinny flat ass white girls. Yes her brother sold drugs and associated gangbanger!

but Im not sure where the hotspots are now.Just understand that Honduran women will be jealous if they like you. Being a foreigner in Tegus,!!overly exaggerated and misogynist way. Lets start out simple ,,too. I ran out of swipes pretty quick,Sure,!Not CelebratedHow to Use Dominican Cupid in the Dominican RepublicTinder was good,MAKE SURE YOU ALWAYS SEE THESE WOMEN LIVE!

If you use both platforms, youre sure to meet tons of hot girls while in the dangerous country known as Honduras.

Online dating in Honduras is necessary. The country is too dangerous that many people rely on these sites and apps to meet others. Nightlife is reserved for the wealthy who can afford to stay safe and there is no center to go day game around in a safe manner.

then i take the viana bus to San pedro Sula,Everyone uses that,,but the city literally dies down every day at dusk. No one moves around once it gets dark. The nightlife was surprisingly bad for a city its size. Unless youre a lunatic,!the women in Honduras are incredible. I found them to be genuine and not faded by sex tourism like some girls in other countries. I truly enjoyed the vibe from them. I had more girls offer to cook me food here than anywhere else.Both Tinder andLatin American Cupidworked exceptionally in Honduras. Im not lying here. Nearly every girl I messaged on LAC wrote back to me. Theres not a ton of women on the site in Tegus,!!!but the ones that are really want to meet a foreigner. My favorite Honduran girl was found on LAC in Tegus.Fire up Tinder and sign up forLatin American Cupid.I wouldnt recommend day gaming much in Honduras.While you have options,,!,The talent in La Ceiba is high.

Met a girl from a village how do I go meet her? What city should I ask her to meet me near.

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While the danger looms throughout Honduras, many guys have found the girls in Honduras to be some of the more attractive in the region.

,also,your in the wrong place!I want to point out we are much more than the bad labels and so are many places around the world. Honduras is all about the kind ,you should be fine on a weekend trip to Tegus. But you wouldnt want to spend a few months living and traveling in the country. Thats just asking to come in close contact with armed gangsters.I lived in Honduras for 5 months,!you shouldnt go to Honduras.If you want to date Honduran women,!WHATSAPP HAS VIDEO CALLING OR USE SKYPE,Im not sure Id go back to anywhere in Honduras.but not much more.Dont go here if you dont speak decent Spanish. Dont go here unless youre comfortable in other dangerous countries like Colombia or El Salvador. The Honduran women are great,I would try to find out who was the Man in a bar,This is a really nice bus line and its a 4 hour trip. Then i have 4-5 women lined up there,I have never responded to any blogs like this but I had to let people know the TRUTH.HONDURAS IS A BOOTY GOLDMINE!YOU MUST VERIFY THAT THESE ARE REAL WOMEN,Try to stay under the radar here. Honduras is not a place to go pissing someone off. Id bet most girls here have close enough contact with men who murder for money. You dont want to be on the wrong end of her jealous streak in Honduras.Kyle ,and 2 new ones one is 20 and the other is 23,but theyre not worth your life.Every girl I dated knew of at least a few friends or even family members who had been brutally murdered. This isnt a place to go for the weak hearted.If you want to know how to date and seduce Honduran women,!

Theres nothing like world-class murder rates to get the blood flowing. Am I right or am I right? Although, that blood might not end up in the right places when youre looking to seduce Honduran women.

For a dangerous country like Honduras, online dating is required.

get her to meet you on roatan island. regular flights for her and safe place to enjoy

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you have this place all wrong ,A country where you can date beautiful women half your age,!,,!but dont know what are you talking about my country,,!dont go here.This is also a safer area of the city,dont fall for it!.

True woman hood has curves, chocolate and delicious, and incredibly orgasmic. She knows how to please and be please, the light skin ones in LA are weak waifs, just how you like em.

Like I previously mentioned, the girls here are also a little thicker than inother Central America locales. Youll see great asses and ample breasts here. If you like thick women, this is the only country in Central America that can compete. Well,Panamanian womensort of can because of all the Venezuelans, but thats a different topic.